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budkin @budkin

What is the best translating extension, that is compatible with 57? I want it to behave like Google Translate extension on chrome, so that when I highlight a word, it's automatically translated and I can listen to pronunciation

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@budkin Google's is the only competant translator unfortunately :( Unless you just want Japanese? There's a dece Japanese one I forgot the name of.

@ryliejamesthomas no no no, I mean an extension, not an engine. It can't be true that there's no good extensions using the Google engine, or Bing or whatever, I don't really care what it would use

@budkin Aaaahhh. got ya. I thought you were trying to avoid Google. I've never found one that would do pronunciantion, unfortunately. Otherwise there are a coupke that just trandlate when you select text and right-click/shortcut-key

@ryliejamesthomas in fact, I AM trying to avoid Google, I just don't think Google Traslate can be that dangerous to my privacy😀 , so it's probably the only thing I use by Google. Thanks for the boost!

@budkin I think it's the only thing I still find myself needing! Even the Bing one is sooooooo much worse.

@ryliejamesthomas the official extension on chrome was such a bliss to use until they broke it. I really miss it on Firefox😞

@ryliejamesthomas btw, which is the best one iyo? translating without pronouncing will do for now

@budkin I was using 'Google Translator for Firefox', but haven't used it with 57. It seems to be compatible, but hard to tell from my phone maybe.

@ryliejamesthomas when I highlight a word and click on the extension icon, it says "text can't be longer than 1000 symbols" :( it doesn't work

@budkin Well damn. That's daft :( i don't temember ever using another one 'cause that always did the job for me :(