- Imperialist (frequently violating prime directive) ❌
- Misogynist (Seven of Nine exists to be abused and gaslit) ❌
- Racist (Ensign Kim is never promoted, unlike white characters; also Chakotay's entire character) ❌

- Anti-imperialist (5 season arc about resisting empire; station exists to help Bajor rebuild from occupation) ✅
- Pro-labor (Rom forms a union, is the hero) ✅
- Deeply struggles with how to defend socialism in a hostile world of struggling imperial powers ✅

@buffalocialism more 👏 female 👏 Federation 👏 law 👏 violators 👏

@buffalocialism Avery Brooks is also a powerful dramatic lead and his character has so much more depth than Janeway.

@WiremanW i really like janeway's character, and i think all the actors do a great job with the writing theyre handed. part of why sisko gets more development is he gets scenes with family that janeway never gets; she's more isolated just because of the plot

@buffalocialism Kate Mulgrew is a good actor but she's no Brooks. I agree that alot of the fault lies with the writers (especially regarding 7). I'll still rewatch it but cringe.

@buffalocialism i gotta rewatch ds9 someday. though i fired up episode 1, obliviously, and me & partner-at-the-time got fucking steamrolled by avery brooks and wife death

@buffalocialism Voyager was absolute liberalism in the “MORE 👏🏻 WOMEN 👏🏻 COPS” sense by making Janeway captain and then having her basically be a terrorist

DS9: Section 31 is authoritarian imperialism.
DS9: Every mirror universe episode is about how lesbians are evil.
DS9: Ferengi are a jewish stereotype and every one is played by a jewish actor.

Voyager: Um, Kirk never breaks the prime directive?
Voyager: Seven of nine is perfect, actually.
Voyager: Harry Kim is a chronic screw-up so he never gets promoted, which actually subverts the stereotype of the overachieving asian. He’s just this dude. It’s okay to be just this dude.

@tibius @buffalocialism Wrt the PD and Kirk, please correct me if I'm wrong: Weren't the villains of at least a few Star Trek: Original episodes, captains who had gotten stranded and thought that meant it was fine to break the heck out of the PD? That's half the plot of Voyager, and I pity the Starfleet captain who walks into all the baggage Voyager left behind in the name of survival.

Voyager: Gilligan's Island in space.
DS9: Talking about stuff while hanging out in an airport.

@buffalocialism kinda feel like ds9 still has an imperialism problem, tbh I'd watch a whole series just about the maquis

@buffalocialism I've never gotten over Tuvix. They straight up murder him because they like the other guys better

@buffalocialism also DS9 openly engages with the imperfection of the federation and the ways in which its bureaucratic and fascistic tendencies ACTIVELY hurt people, especially when faced with an apparently insurmountable enemy.

that and i fucking love jeffrey combs

@buffalocialism also Sisko refusing to go to Vic's because that would be a tacit acceptance of how racist America was in reality at that time was so great.

@buffalocialism don’t forget how it showcased and celebrated complex sexuality — the Dax symbiote’s storyline and Jadzia marrying into a different culture based on her [symbiote’s] past male experiences

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