Me taking photos for a future blog post about funding

Cat developer Tereza's dental treats ain't free.

I'm looking for a graphic design contractor to work on GlitchTip, an open source error tracking platform. The role would be to design GlitchTip in Figma and hand off to a developer. DM me for details.

I also know of a few developer positions unrelated to this.

I'm thinking about how to fund Passit, the open source password manager. I'm looking into how hard it would be to add the self-host only LDAP restrictions into our hosted multi-tenant version and integrate Stripe.

So far funding has been a hard problem for me. $100 in hosting/support fees can be motivating but doesn't do anything compared to dev salaries. I'm trying many things and hoping something eventually sticks.

The GlitchTip Helm Chart is now a generic plus celery chart. Fork it as a starting point for your own Django Helm deployments. If anyone wants to contribute, I'll move it outside of the GlitchTip project as it's own thing.

Passit for can now be installed via F-Droid and the IzzyOnDroid Repository. Passit is a simple, open source password manager my company made.

This weekend I started adding sentry-cli support to GlitchTip, an open source alternative to the Sentry backend. Auth tokens can be provisioned. Next up is making them actually do something..

Yet another way to use Wagtail with Cloudinary.

This approach extends Wagtail Image model and renditions.

In Passit news, making a better multi select widget will be a huge usability upgrade over select2. Also multi-select widgets are always super time consuming to build.

I'm making one paid app sale a day on Simple Fan Control, an open source app to control SimpleConnect Wifi enabled ceiling fans. It's an interesting experiment in paid, libre software as the Google Play app costs money. Let me know if you have any devices you'd like to see better software made for.

If you have a SimpleConnect Wifi enabled Hunter Ceiling Fan, try out my new open source app - Simple Fan Control. Message me if you want a coupon for the paid Android app (or build it from source if you prefer)

Passit is now on dockerhub. docker pull passit/passit:stable. We'll keep it on gitlab's docker registry too so no need to change existing installs.

I reviewed the Pixel Slate for development work via Linux. I like it a lot for Docker, Node, Python, and Android dev.

I'm really liking storybook for dev work. Adding it to Passit

Bonus WIP backup code pdf. Sorry the backup code is fake.

What is the best way to recover your password for end to end encrypted apps? (The server can't reset it for you)

1) Printable backup code + email verification.

2) Emergency contact - give someone else access to reset your password.

3) Email code + use a browser you signed into at least once. The advantage is that there is no set up at all required. The disadvantage is that if you lose the device you signed in before and have no backup, you are out of luck.


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