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"I can’t help but notice disturbing similarities between the rapid adoption of and misplaced trust in the internet in the latter half of the last century and the unfettered adoption of AI now."


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"The conversation with Marshall McLuhan got me thinking [that] the successful philosophers were also advertisers who could sell their new models to large numbers of others, thus converting thought to action, mind to matter."

- Timothy Leary

Turned on and tuned in

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"This is the commercial pressure that turned the esoteric web into the generic web of sensationalism, clickbait and cute animals. It didn't just transform what writers wrote – it also transformed how writers and readers related to one another."


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I feel like every year I fall behind further and further, I'm often like "well, I can't believe anyone is jumping through these hoops-", but then, nobody else does, it's like once you fall off the threadmill of latest phone, latest google this, latest apple that and everything gets more painful. They're all interlocked systems that need each other to work properly.

One day it'll be, well screw this, I can't internets anymore.

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I am chewing upon the thought that the #philosophy of the #stoa is a representation of the #apollonian principle and one cannot be whole and complete without embracing also the #dionysian frenzy for life and being alive.

We cannot have only Immanuel Kant. We must have a van Gogh also to be complete. As an individual and a society as a whole.

Maybe I got lost in the wilderness on my trail of thoughts but this feel like a deep rooted psychological insight

What is your opinion?

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"What if instead of an application, we had humans do the driving for you?"

You just invited chauffeurs.

"No, I mean like as an on demand thing."

You just invented cabs.

"No, I mean let's share it so you only need to go to easily identified pickup points."

Like public transit?

"No! I mean for long distances without all the agony of airports."

So, high speed rail.

".....why do you hate innovation?"

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"Spent Orchid Blossom"

marked as sensitive for Deep Dream Generator processing.

#MastoArt #asemicwriting

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What do people consider 'forever' file formats. I.E file types that are open source and won't become obsolete quickly and can run on minimalist computers. I know that lots of people consider txt's to be pretty good for everything plain text, but what about odt and odf for word processing and spread sheets? Is ogg, flac or acc better than mp3 for music and audiobooks? Giff for images?

I'm a sci-fi writer and want to know what 'old tech' might still be useful in the future.

Thanks Mastodon!

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The word "screensaver" apparently did not exist back then. From Byte magazine 1976

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There are two white knobs
on the front of the frame in
the lower corners

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someone on a youtube comment (!) just said "Simpsons didn't predict the future, we just haven't solved any problems since the 80s"

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If you want to engage in a true act of rebellion today, go somewhere without your phone.

#privacy #tracking #surveillance #surveillancecapitalism

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Still getting my sea legs here in the ! To that end, a question:

Can anyone recommend an instance dedicated to experimental filmmaking, or at least experimental art in general?

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#feditips you don’t need to subscribe to a YouTube channel or have an account on YouTube at all in order to be notified about new videos from your favorite channels. YouTube still supports RSS. Just copy the channel URL, paste it into your RSS reader, and you’re good to go :comfythumbsup:
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"detailed hyperrealistic jars of creatures from Codex Seraphinianus trending on art station"

got an invite to MidJourney and have been giving it a good run through
#theWorkshop #gan

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may contain flashing lights and/or colors (also check for content warnings regarding the source material) 

Source: mas.to/@Mooncake/1084889141439
Timestamp: 0:00:00
Mode: Audio
Codec: gsm_ms
Audio channels: 1
Pixel format: yuv440p -> yuv410p
Noise amount: 1/4
Packet loss: None
Size Skew: 0, 4

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I keep dreaming of a hierarchy browser made with the Miller Columns that can browse files but also emails fodlers trees, trees hosted in, say, postgres databases, newsgroupt threads or forum threads in general

Or trees made by tags added to files

The idea of an app doing one thing is exclusively focused on the needs of implemementers

While it's obvoius that humans don't work that way

It's incredibly miopic, user hostile

it should die in fire


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A spaceship landed, and an alien emerged.
"First contact!" someone shouted.
"Seventh contact," the alien said. "Previously, you have called us gods, tried to fight us, or tried to have sex with us."
"What do you expect now?"
"We don't know. You keep surprising us."

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