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Our new album, Dream Weapon, will be released by @RelapseRecords@twitter.com on March 26. The first single (“Dream Weapon”) is streaming now.

You can listen and pre-order the vinyl here: orcd.co/genghistrondw


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(1/n) Some context. The LPE looked like a real LPE. However, the .header file with windows defines contained a version string. I diffed the file against a public header file with the same version and approx. 2000 LoC were different (out of the 6k LoC). That got me suspicious


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(5/n) And he said that Visual Studio is too slow in a VM and "he is therefore compiling the code not in a VM"... (lol again ; Nice try ;) )

As @RGB_Lights@twitter.com put it: "So why are we successful? We put the time in to know that network. We put the time in
to know it better than the people who designed it, and the people who are securing it." youtube.com/watch?v=bDJb8WOJYd

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Omg... people think I’m joking. This is not a joke. Look at all the other incident responders quote tweeting and replying to me. Lots of people just didn’t know where the software is in use- particularly in their industrial / operational / automation environments.


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We'd like to uncomfortably announce we have received the source code to IoT Ransomware. that targets... Male Chastity devices...

You can download and view the source code to Trojan-Ransom.Python.ChastityLock here:


I had one night of proper sleep this week, and is already so deep in drama mode that it'd take a full Saturday morning to trace, so I just won't.

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Full disclosure: @corelliumhq@twitter.com ported Linux to earlier iPhone chipsets a year ago, but their public code release does not meet upstream standards (nor can I certify it meets our RE policy) and I can therefore not use their work. Their CTO is mad at me for this.

Pretty much describes my professional life

(also, this thread is the best thing that can happen to you on a Saturday morning 😂)

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Brain: Just one mistake, and the water pressure will build uncontrollably
Pinky: Ha-ha! Don't worry Brain. I never make just one mistake!

ICYMI you can use this with Ghidra 9.2.1 after you update extension properties ;)

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6 is here.

For IDA 7.4 on Windows, Linux, macOS. If you're feeling lucky, try Ghidra 9.1.2 (github.com/google/binexport/tr).

Get yours here: zynamics.com/software.html
File bugs: bugs.zynamics.com/bindiff
Thanks everyone who tested pre-release binaries!




"I want to know the size of their shoes!" seemed like an impossible request from any spy movie spook before social media...

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CVE-2021-1647 - Windows Defender RCE

Vector: Local
Exploitation Assessment: Exploitation detected


Snapshots FTW!

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One simple trick to get decrypted code inside your IDB without writing (bothering) a decoding script

IDA Pro Debugger: Leveraging the Take Memory Snapshot Feature youtu.be/plaRysF1cxk via @YouTube@twitter.com

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