Im really excited about redesign! 😄 😄 😄
Smooth tab movements are back in 🔥 🔥 🔥

Being indecisive about a situation is kinda like a decision too.

Maybe I'm wrong but I'm seeing the Vishu tree flowering already this year. Very strange.

I don't like the weather these days. Its inconsistent.

Do you know someone on Diaspora who is looking to transition to the Fediverse?

✅ The social media platform Friendica lets you follow both Fediverse accounts on Mastodon etc, but also Diaspora accounts. You can find out more at or find a public server to sign up on at

Diaspora's current developers seem to have ruled out ever linking up with the Fediverse, so Diaspora is becoming ever more isolated 😞

#FediTips #Friendica #Fediverse #Diaspora

@Vishsai Good to know.
I wished Signal shift would make a big impact. Alas majority are still on whatsapp.
Luckily i've got a bunch of people who converted along with me.

im feel like im constantly out of sleep 😴

@Vishsai thanks :D Good to see you still active around here. its quite desolate after the reverse migrations

Did you know this:

#Briar's E2EE is similar to #Signal's, but adapted to be delay tolerant and work without central server. It uses the Bramble Transport Protocol:

Briar's founder contributed to the original Axolotl Double Ratchet Algorithm:

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@Vishsai im good man! Less social media these days 😅
Hows things with you??

Some days, I really feel terrible about how less I do for my mom. Like, I want to do so much more, make her happy, take all her troubles away but I don't know how to achieve that; I'll always fall short.
While I just want her to sit back and relax—something she simply isn't capable of, no matter her health.

I miss Compiz some days, there was something satisfying about closing all the windows at the end of the day and seeing them all burst into flames


Wow I did not know how many (German) universities are already using for their probably hundreds of thousands of students and staff.

#federation #interoperability #privacy


@kingannoy Good question, and I think the answer has to be personal. For basic SMS users, maybe it's, "Hey, look at these checkmarks so you know if it actually arrived on their phone" and "Look, you can just tap a single button to go from texting to video." For iMessage users, "You can talk to Android users the same as iOS with all these features." To some, "this reduces the power of mega corporations" is convincing.

Nice writeup! I totally agree!

This is not the first of the calls for us "techies" to push our families and friends over to Signal.

What I have not yet seen, is examples of what to send. How did you convince your family? Let's help eachother and share these messages!

I understand that this message should be tweaked to the recipients specific concerns, but a broad list of examples could really help lower the barrier to start this work!

#pushsignal ?

1/ In defense of #Signal. Yes, I'm a guy that just posted a roundup of distributed/mesh messengers of which #Signal was obviously not part. I am really excited about the potential of those.

But to the general public, I still recommend Signal. Here's why.

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