(er, to clarify, i won't be posting here much any more haha. i wonder if anyone's working on account redirect or something like a lot of people have suggested. i suppose i could look at the issue list and whatnot...)

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i think i'm pretty settled in over at octodon now? a lot of you are already following me over there but if you haven't and you want to i'm @bunnyhero@octodon.social there too!

i haven't drawn in a long time. also it turns out today is DRAW A BIRD DAY! dabday.com so i'm going to draw a birb later on :)


@eggplant in tootyfruity, is there a way to log out? i can't find an option. also, is there a way to enable autocorrect in the compose field? seems to be off for me. thanks!

I've made some improvements to my #Fediverse history post. Thanks to @clacke for the corrections, keep 'em coming!

hey infosec ppl new to mastodon.social, please try to remember that the queer furry weirdos were actually here before you.

Please don't post channer slang or slurs or pepes on the PTL. This is a shared home.

brb starting my own instance, the only rule is that julian assange is banned

glitches in the timeline
across the federation

e҉c̸ho̡e̕s ̕o͡f͢ toots p̕as͘͠t̵̸͠

ą̷͘w̸̢ơ͟ǫ́͡o̕͝o̡͜͟͞ ơ̵͈͖ǫ̴̘͚̬͇o͠͏̢̲͔̥̝̲̜̪͚

If you, like me, have contributed to the recent scaling issues by promoting this place whilst conversing in some other place, you should also kick a couple bucks a month at @Gargron via patreon.com/user?u=619786 (or one of the other methods outlined on the github repo).

Do this especially if you are planning on putting your own instance up. We've an ecosystem to nurture, y'all.

Thanks for taking the time to read this massively long microblogging post from the old dog.


If you're frustrated by Mastodon's growing pains, take heart in the fact that it's lasted longer than some VC-backed social media networks.

... i wonder what the effect on memberships/server load will be once @sarahjeong publishes her article 😅

Petite requête tout bête, attention avant les avatars animés ultra flashy, des dizaines d'icônes méga clignotantes partout dans la page c'est vraiment pas safe pour les épileptiques photosensibles
Merci ^^

the local and federated timelines are so busy now that i just realized that i haven't seen the trending toot bot in a while (i don't follow it-- maybe i should now!)

When recommending to your friends, give the other instances some love too: instances.mastodon.xyz/ It looks like mastodon.social is under even heavier load than yesterday right now

bonjour! j'ai... forget... tout ma french ok i give up

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