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I can't believe is 27 years old today! Happy birthday, Linux!

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is 45 years old today! Almost half a century. That's amazing. Shoutout to all MC's, DJ's, beatmakers, graffiti artists, breakdancers. Can't stop, won't stop!

@omnipotens Still can't connect to on pc or phone. Cleared cookies and stuff. Any ideas?

Is linuxrocks instance permanently down or just temporary issues?

Oof damn, it's 16° outside and it's pretty damn chilly. Can't wait for autumn!

Krita, KDE's full-featured painting application, raises more than 5,000 € in donations in less than 48 hours.

Got some codes for

"Tildes is an open-source, Canadian non-profit link aggregator, focused on quality content, civility, community, and privacy. It aims to turn reddit's popular but low-quality ranking model upside-down, and focus on features that the users want, not the owners."


First come, first served.

Apparently, this track is in . has stepped up their game so much it's surreal. Big up!

Ocean Wisdom - Tom & Jerry (Prod. Leaf Dog)

The Culling is probably the first ever? Had tons of fun playing it with the @gamingonlinux squad! Here's their if someone wants to join

Did i mention it's free?

@lilyprincessem As someone who's played around with Linux (and BSD) off and on for 20+ years, I can give a bit of advice:

1. If you want something that's like Windows, run Windows.
2. If your problems are hardware-based, changing software won't fix it.
3. Define your parameters and expectations. Do you want to play or do you want to learn? What is inadequate with your current setup?
4. Know how to undo what you did.
5. Ubuntu.

So, i've tested "Alan Wake's American Nightmare", and "Fortune-499" and they run beautifully with wine 3.0. "Limbo" and "Tiny Echo" are native . "Uurnog" starts with black screen, ergo doesn't work. Tested on 18.04

There are some free games to download without subscription or anything on currently. Two for .

I have and on my laptop that i haven't updated in more than a month. I wonder how many updates are there :thinkhappy:

Digging through youtube is the best thing ever. Found this dope Roni Size tune. BIG UP, JUNGLE IS MASSIVE!

Roni Size & Reprazent - New forms

I'm still hoping Redman will join Wu Tang Clan one day.

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