@basspistol Glad someone found music i post good. Hooray for friendship \o/

@burek hooray for friendship!!! Friendhsip is the number one bestest part about being human!


@basspistol You can say that again, because it's true :thinkerguns:

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@basspistol I swear to God, French and German boom bap is the realeast shit in Europe right now! C'est parfait, loving this.

@burek Let's share lots of european links while we can! lol!!! :D

@basspistol Gotta dissapoint you, i already know this because i follow Cookin' Soul closely :D Real shit, nevertheless. Ok, my turn. UK rapper on some broken beat stuff, it's amazing how he even follows youtube.com/watch?v=WDtswLrXfN

On the contrary! You making me very happy, @burek <3

Taking you to Geneva in Switzerland. Technically not the EU, although in the middle of it.

@basspistol Doesn't have to be EU, let's go full Europe.

Hailing from Bosnia, Slovenia, and Serbia - girl wonder


@basspistol Ok, ok, i can dig this. Clean beat, really nice flow even tho i don't understand anything.

Deutschlands turn. SSIO, funny guy, dope beats, i don't understand anything but the vibe is so there


@basspistol Think i know this guy too! I have had some good Polish rap, but I can't find it now. This was a good hip hop sharing run! Can't say I didn't enjoy it :D

@basspistol Btw, i forgot to ask, why is this video disliked? Some serious vibes here!

@burek Geneva is the capital of jealousy. I can't back it with data, but I lived there. Pushing the envelope is not well perceived in that part of switzerland. But hey, Haters are very good promoters! :D

@basspistol It fucking sucks when people don't, or can't recognize quality even tho it sounds a little bit different. But yeah, you said it, haters are very good promoters!

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