Oh boy ... now I remember why training is important ... last sequence in Rakocnícky Pohár was quite a mess.
Rank 4 Overall in the end.

Anyway - was a lot of fun for sure!!!

Flown Free Known and Unknown 1. Not so happy with my performance as I had two Hard Zeros.

Unknown 2 looks a little bit advanced ....

No flight today at Rakovnícky Pohár due to weather - let's hope for tomorrow ...

Rakovnícky Pohar is about to start tomorrow. Today two training flights.

Weather doesn't look too promising ...

Heute großes Finale!
Aktuell laufen nochmal Unknown Programme in beiden Kategorien, später dann Modellflug und als Highlight das Unlimited Freestyle!
Krönender Abschuss dann ein großes Feuerwerk am Abend!

EUAWA 2021 Day 1. Low clouds, light rain, no flying. Typical aerobatic competition ... *sigh* ...

»Neugier lässt Kinder lernen, nicht Angst.«

— Zitat am Morgen ... Und jetzt denken wir mal alle an unser Bildungssystem 🙈

Had a great weekend with friends cycling into the alps and celebrating a birthday!

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