mental health, wobbly and negative, medication pt2, going into detail 

@addamschloe Also, other people can't judge what does or doesn't makes you comfortable without describing it to them.

mental health, wobbly and negative, medication pt2, going into detail 

@addamschloe I think ultimately it's not down to anyone but yourself to figure out if friendships/relationships are going south (but also make sure to check that the other person dislikes you rather than assuming). It's good to vent about these things, even if it's at least in part to do with brain bad.

@addamschloe It's kind of hard to tell in my mind what's wrong, what's harmless but not my thing, and what's just not wrong, just different.

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every pokemon is an eeveelution if you don't think about it

@calm @addamschloe I'd do a follow up, but I'm currently thinking that I just think Billie Piper was really neat in the 50th anniversary special.

@addamschloe Me, john hurt, standing in front of a big red button in a shape-changing barn: what's so great about this last great time war?

horny, exhibitionism, light-hearted 

@LottieChameleon are there multiple definitions of hard at play here?

re: yelling trashpost 

@addamschloe Oh it's the Fisher King voice from Before the Flood

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Dinosaurs: warn blooded or cold blooded? Scales or feathers? These are the questions herpetologists and paleontologists have asked for years. My new theory: none. The reason we can only find fossils is because they were only ever bones to begin with. That meteor broke the magic obelisk that was giving them life. Thank you very much

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