@talialavin I hope you see this and know that I can’t believe how much pressure you’re under and your strength is inspiring and your struggle is real

The part where Ripley yells at the alien queen from inside the power loader and the Queen hisses back is also a conversation that passes the Bechdel test

Sounds like there’s a purge over on birbsite so get ready for turmoil over here I spose

Hi I am sad and 2018 was hard and I’m glad it’s over and I am struggling to name the exact things I am actually looking forward to in 2019. You don’t have to fix this but I’m glad if you see it and could spare a thought.

Xmas is for queerdos and lonely hearts I don’t make the rules I’m just here to support my fellow queerdos and lonely hearts with karaoke, boosts, and toots

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Hate it when someone nearby says something exasperating and cringe inducing and the only way I know how to respond to it is by giving a knowing look to the camera that records my life for a viewership of millions

More leftists need to get guns and self defense we are probably gonna need to shoot the toxic masculinity out of us.

who the fuck is in these toyotathon commercials biting Felicia day’s steez as if she’d moved to suburbia

Guys. Seriously. Can someone reach Jen Kirkman or is hope lost?

but the humans won't stop there. They'll make bigger QRs and bigger codes. Soon they'll make a QR code so big it will destroy them all

You know what I bet the gods miss most is snuggling


guys, vr porn is actually incredible

it is extremely bad form to yell at a woman who just broke her ribs I just feel so fucking helpless

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Guys I don’t know what to do because anyone who defends the police is a cop but the new sheriff of my city was literally a cop and also gay and I honestly I’m a little hornt about it. I understand this is counter revolutionary but my county has a beariff and this is a weird time

When the entire structure of the system is founded on violence, all participants suffer the bystander effect

I really can’t get into the Halloween spirit until all my favorite ASMR channels do season-themed videos in costume

There’s Brazilian mastodon instances right? Probably tons of them right? How do I seek those out for reports from the front ?

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