There's one person complaining about the book not looking like medieval books did in reality. Another person makes fun of who ended up becoming the new ruler of the kingdoms. Another one shares an interpretation as to why it makes sense that this character became the ruler.

My twitter feed is a mix of wildly different takes on the finale of GOT and I'm not sure if I like it.

Opening twitter today while following various YouTube personalities

> mfw

This is really cool. is sharing their roadmap for the EGS publicly on Trello. Check it out:

So the latest patch completely broke one of the new quests related to the brewing mechanic. I started the quest yesterday or so and played it through a few stages - now, after the patch, it's just gone. Completely. Can't even start it over.

Sometimes I start typing out a tweet explaining how a specific thing is awesome and halfway through I realize it would sound like an ad.

Almost everyone on /r/Europe seems to be John Bercow for April fool's. :)

Many of the comments in this topic show that what the /r/Games mod team has written is exactly on point. via

Say what you want about the game itself, but has, again, done an amazing job with the soundtrack.

I think I've shared this before...but it's just too good. :D - Sean paul - get busy (baglama cover) via

Golden move by the subreddit mod team. Thank you. - /r/Games is closed for April Fool’s. Find out why in here! via

The CSS related to the "discount" exists outside of the actual DOM (hence the red color, syntax error). I think this might be some leftover CSS and does not necessarily indicate an incoming discount. via and

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