Meet North’s Freesian horse. We have 14 gorgeous Freesians on the ranch.

Now I can finally read all those posts about this game. 😊

is it enough to just post the word oxygen in a tweet

While I appreciate that the AliExpress dispute team generally makes good decisions, it's laughable that sometimes they make a proposal to send back a cheap item for a full refund.

Oftentimes, shipping from a western country to China costs as much as the item itself, if not more.

would the third Pokemon Snap be called New New Pokemon Snap

So I've never watched the before but recently I just started watching it, starting with the latest episode. I'm now at episode 516 and there's probably still like a million in-jokes I don't get. It's an experience.

I'd not be surprised if the improved version of GTAV for PS5 is just running at 4K60 - no other improvements.

Unfortunately this is probably gonna go like any other battery-related discovery: it's going to just disappear for a variety of reasons.

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