Ten years of shit tweets, and I deleted almost all of them 馃帀馃帀馃帀

The @NexusSites@twitter.com client apparently really doesn't like my color profile.

Opening twitter today while following various YouTube personalities

> mfw

Sometimes I start typing out a tweet explaining how a specific thing is awesome and halfway through I realize it would sound like an ad.

The CSS related to the "discount" exists outside of the actual DOM (hence the red color, syntax error). I think this might be some leftover CSS and does not necessarily indicate an incoming discount. youtu.be/6M2J7SGs68A via @ValveNewsNetwor@twitter.com and @YouTube@twitter.com

One of my favourite things in - fun game, too! I don't play that many games these days but when I do, I usually spend a few minutes playing this game. It's good.

2. Favorite female video game character
Samus Aran, hands down. Total badass and she deserves much, much better treatment from Nintendo. I hope that she gets to be a badass again in Metroid Prime 4 after they tried so hard to destroy her in Other M.

I probably don't even have enough followers to do this but whatevs. I took this from @CQillustrates86 (it's making the rounds and I love it)

Imagine playing over 100 hours of a free game, then complaining it gets boring quickly.

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