can't wait to find out if ready player two is more "hey remember x? hey remember y?"

lmao I reacted to a couple of peoples fleets and I didn't realize that goes into their DMs

Don't mind me I'm just outta here sliding into peoples DMs

It's fun reading comments about Shenmue 3 on Steam.
So many are super mad about the whole EGS thing (which was a dick move considering the KS backer rewards) but nobody even wants to mention/talk about that the game itself is just not good at all, so why even bother.

Existing after watching the entirety of The Office is existing before watching the entirety of The Office.

I don't write work emails that much but this is me when interacting with customer support via email lmao

Was about to tweet some hot take regarding but decided not to. Didn't even have anything to do with TLOU2 lmao

I miss the public folder. Being able to link individual files was some good stuff. I mean, 99% of the time I used it for linking memes, but still.

I'm already over tweets with a fake "Official sources said..." at the bottom and I've seen like... five so far. 🙄

Just looking at the map in AC: Odyssey makes me want to stop playing, lmao. That game is so large and filled with so much pointless shit, it's just depressing.

Maybe I'll just play the main missions next time I touch that game.

Well, all states are called, Biden @ 306 and Trump @ 232. Let's hope Trump can't cause too much damage until he's replaced.

I mean, this is probably an ice-cold take but I'm pretty sure that Trump would've won the election had they handled the COVID pandemic better. Don't get me wrong, Trump is terrible and I'm glad that Biden won but it would've been a relatively safe W for Trump, I think.

Congratulations, USA.

The only way from here is up. You've got a lot of work to do and this is a good start.

KEY RACE ALERT: I'm already so exhausted and it's just past 1pm here

Please for . I fear for your country (and the world, to be honest) and I can't wait to not have to see or hear about Trump and his goons in the news every day.

Have a good hallowed ween(er) today. Stay home, though. 🎃

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