TFW you google the question before asking on the mailing list, and find your unreplied-to posting to the mailing list from last year.

When they first taught us the alphabet in school, it seemed like an incredibly daunting task to me. There were so many different letters, how would I learn them all?!

Then they introduced us to math and told us there's an infinite amount of numbers. I just thought "that's it, no way I'll learn them all, I'll have to become a famous singer".

Turned out I suck at singing. And I still don't know all the numbers. Pretty good with the alphabet, though.

Ten years of shit tweets, and I deleted almost all of them 馃帀馃帀馃帀

No cheating.

Brighten or worsen my day with the 7th pic in your camera roll!

Don't explain unless I ask you to, then repost this with the number I'll give you.

The wonderful roguelite FPS is currently available for $3.50 on - total steal at that price.

It's hilarious to see my timeline collectively go "eww games with guns"

Replaying The Witcher 2 was quite fun. I guess I didn't pay attention when playing in 2011 as I didn't remember shit so this was like playing a new game. 馃槄 I like how "compact" the game is, instead of having quests spread across a giant, open world.

I mean this can't be normal, my previous phone did not take dump on my battery like that when Bluetooth was on

Really looking forward to the full game now, I've already played these on console but I wanted to replay them anyway so this is a great opportunity.

Pleasantly surprised with the demo for PC. Seems to be a solid port, runs smoothly and controls well. 馃憤 The only weird thing are the windshield wipers moving at 30 FPS (which is not a big deal in and of itself, it's just a minor detail).

The client apparently really doesn't like my color profile.

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