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One thing that really stuck with me were the audio cues. They don't just sound beautiful but they're applied really well and add to the drama... or make things appear more "lively", I guess. 鈾

about the concept, presentation and story. Fantastic game all around. If I had to criticize something, it'd be that some of the deductions are a bit too difficult but that could be down to personal taste/skill.

Took the time to play through Return of the Obra Dinn by - what a fresh and fun experience... though it made me realize how bad I am at deduction and paying attention to detail. 馃槄However, that I still enjoyed it despite having to rely on guides very often says a lot

The PewDiePipeline: how edgy humor leads to violence via

Ahh, Twitter borks up the video quality. The little lanterns and other background details (mushroom to the left) sing the little choir of the theme for that stage.

One of my favourite things in - fun game, too! I don't play that many games these days but when I do, I usually spend a few minutes playing this game. It's good.

Figured it out. Accessing a method using a fully qualified class name in the same file causes this weird behaviour, apparently. Might be a bug.

For some reason, does not autocomplete anymore until I type out a semicolon on that line. It worked a few hours ago and power saving mode is off? Help??

is actually coming to PC - and it's even going to be released on Steam. This is what I've been waiting and asking for for years and I cannot wait to play it. Thanks,

Super interesting post on this topic! "As a Chinese player, I feel obliged to explain why most hackers are from China" via

Saying "Tim Apple" instead of "Tim Cook"

Broke: "Oh haha, misspoke, had all those Apple devices in mind. Sorry, Tim!"


Getting proper versions of (as well as 3, 4 and ODST) on PC is just the excuse I was looking for to play them again. 馃グ

Finally sitting down again to get comfortable with - maybe one day I can push myself to actually work on a few game ideas I've came up with over the years.

2. Favorite female video game character
Samus Aran, hands down. Total badass and she deserves much, much better treatment from Nintendo. I hope that she gets to be a badass again in Metroid Prime 4 after they tried so hard to destroy her in Other M.

1. Game that had a lasting impression on me
Definitely Undertale. I know that many feel like too many people talked way too much about this game, BUT - this is literally the only game I regularly think about. I never felt so connected to fictional characters and fictional world.

I probably don't even have enough followers to do this but whatevs. I took this from @CQillustrates86 (it's making the rounds and I love it)

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