@usr_local_share I'd love to move to Canada for exactly the same reasons, but it's not exactly cheap or easy (it's hard to immigrate there even for Americans).
So I'll probably have to replace Canada with some European country in my "dream place to live" spot.

@usr_local_share You're not wrong, but does it matter? Try it out and see how it works for you. I haven't noticed any performance issues with it.

@usr_local_share Pinta. It's basically MS Paint, but with some nice features.

I use XnViewMP image viewer for viewing and basic editing. It's very powerful and customizable, but quite heavy.

@usr_local_share And here I am, not even 24 yet, trying to avoid web as much as possible.

Can't agree more with "web devs going insane" part, the whole ecosystem is rotten to the core. I don't want to go anywhere near it, but I'm sure I'll have no choice at some point. I guess I'll stick to learning C++ for now and we'll see where that takes me.

P.S. 24 is a bit too early to give up, don't you think?

@usr_local_share You clone it once and it stays in ~/.cache, then you pull whenever the repo of the package updates. (if I understand how git works correctly)
It has its benefits.

@usr_local_share Yaourt isn't that great anymore. pacaur is the new hotness since a year ago.
It's a bit different, but it's better for many reasons. And more secure: wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/A

@usr_local_share Installation iself isn't difficult (if you know your way around Linux from CLI), it's the part after installation that is.

Going from first boot to a fully set up machine takes a few days (unless you use a DE like some sort of caveman), including ironing out all the kinks. But it is so worth it.

I run Arch on a Pi, a VPS, a laptop, and a desktop. I love it and I'm most certainly addicted.


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