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gay Ronald Reagan: "Mr. Gorbachev, stretch out these walls"

I’ve become the type of guy that drinks a gallon of water a day and goddamn I love pissin

jk I’m watching Ford v Ferrari because dudes rock

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In honor of national women’s day I will be watching the movie Holes

since I’ve been gone for a while I thought I’d update y’all on what I look like now

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+* ok ! 🖤
what 💔 if darth vader :( 💕 was :( gay * ! +:) and 💔 +** they +* called ** - him darth ! gayder :) xo ! 🖤& *
*+ _ slatt !

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my Old posts are on the same level as the statue of david and the Mona Lisa

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cant stop laughing at the thought of morpheus saying "you think thats dick that your sucking?"

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robot cop- "dead or alive youre sucking me off"

Not to advocate violence against women but if Elizabeth Warren ever put me in a self defense situation I might have to do something

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