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gay Ronald Reagan: "Mr. Gorbachev, stretch out these walls"

id vote for trump if he said he was gonna execute jomny sun in his second term

just realized the tae kwon do guy from barry is the main russian guy in the red circle scene in john wick. bad ass in both parts.

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john wick 4 should be about killing lena dunham

just found out a popular account blocked me. now that im john wick ill kill them.

eyy could ya not kill my dog, im john wick ova hea

love to quit my job as a hitman to get married to my perfectly healthy wife

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just did like a 4 hour gungeon run and now my brain sees everything in matrix bullet time

go to any song made before youtube existed and look at the comments. they are comedy gold.

if i was neo i would kill the architect for using dumbass big words

love reading everyones takes on the state of alabama now. they are definitely right and know a lot about how people especially women think here.

last year a person tried to convince me that game of thrones was far better than lord of the rings.lmoa wonder what she thinks now.

watchmen teaser before game of thrones is better than this whole season of game of thrones

watching blade runner 2049 again and im betting that in 20 years it will be seen as one of the best films of the 2010s

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now that im moving to texas in a month i need to play through red dead again just to get used to being around cowboys

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