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plenty of those guys at D-Day wouldve rather been twitch streamers

looking for a new finance job. Going joker mode.

product review channel on YouTube but I only review gas station dick pills.

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I wasn’t posting because I was too busy having sex with FKA Twigs

Folks if you’ve ever preheated the oven to 425 degrees to cook Publix brand cheese might be a redneck.

folks if you’ve ever had gay might be a redneck!

heres a free pickup line for you fellas: “bitch I’m bout to go Shia lebouf on those holes”

hmm one post and I don’t have 100 notifications yet. Guess I gotta log off for another year.

austin is a city for people who get excited that their office has a ping pong table and a fridge full of la croix

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austin is considered a cool city because live music and IPAs is what every person who has never been cool thinks is cool

im probably not gonna post here anymore but...
letterboxd: @bmbuchanan
twitter: @over6ftbtw

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