that relatable buupy content you all know and love

consciously reminding myself not to yell BOOTLICKER at someone in a meeting

my boss is acting strange as though he can sense that i went home and yelled into the void about unions after a meeting about finance software yesterday

um i forgot to open this website at work again

most of my life is just aerie lounge wear at this point

born to grinch
world is a grinch
grinch em all 1989
i am grinch man
410,757,864,530 cool grinches

i have purchased a light up plastic cactus with skulls on it to try and feel the halloween spirit

excited to feel even more pathetic and ugly than usual! for weeks!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ”«

friends my routine hair dying went spectacularly wrong and i have to live with clown yellow hair until its healthy enough to fix.

lmao i forgot my boss' name for a moment and had to get up and look at his door plate lol

shoutout to whoever stole my glasses last week, realized they aren't weed or something else useful to them, and returned the open but otherwise fine package to the step next to my back garden 5 days later.

my new glasses are 50% larger and have made me 500% more adorable office asshole

my day has really gone down hill since i refused to pose for photos with a semi truck at 8am

moved someone from my 'pathetic wastes of energy' list to my 'you will be destroyed by salt and fire' list today 😊

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