At Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaning, we believe that a positive carpet cleaning experience should leave one feeling renewed and relieved.

That is why all technicians at Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaning are trained extensively with the customer experience in mind. At Mr. Steam Carpet Cleaning, we utilize the most cutting edge cleaners, degreasers, and technology on the market. We understand the importance of leaving the customer feeling as though they have had a positive experience and look forward to making your home look beautiful.

The effects of high humidity on carpet are part aesthetic and part health. Under humid environments carpets have been known to buckle and ripple. Not only is this frustrating to look at it is also problematic for renters and people looking to sell their homes.

Not only is this frustrating to look at it is also problematic for renters and people looking to sell their homes. Health wise, moisture attracts germs, like fungi and mold. Think about your bathroom for a second. We all love writing notes on a steamed up mirror but we at Mr Steam carpet cleaning seattle also know the insane amount of humidity a bathroom must have in order to create the conditions for such a fun pastime.

A steamy bathroom in the middle of Seattle with carpeting is the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of gross bacteria that is not only smelly but is also dangerous for your respiratory system. After a week of non stop rain believe us when we say your living room carpet shares your bathroom carpet's condition. You may be curious why you can't just vacuum or clean your carpets yourself. Well, you can. In fact we encourage it, it makes our job easier.

However, steam cleaning is not a replacement for vacuuming, it is a supplement. It is designed to give those deep down the fibers a scrub in order to loosen up all that grime and bacteria so it can be sucked out by our industrial strength machines. The more you vacuum, the less top layer soil we have to bypass in order to get to the real root of your carpet where allergy inducing bacteria live and breed.
Mr Steam carpet cleaning Seattle
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