are great. They're not "cool" anymore, and idiots abuse them; but they enable platforms to be self-organized by the users without much tech skill.

With all of the anarchists etc. here, that kind of grass-roots understanding should be implicit.

are BOTH crucial and dangerous. bring people into conversations, help onboard new users, and keep people coming back.

But harassment and abuse need to be fought at the platform level.

How can we have BOTH?

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Instead of enabling vs. making it hard to find tags and convos, what's the third option? How do we get the good without the bad?

1) Make hastags 1st class citizens, like posts -- eg. being able to report, block or mute them?
2) Instances blocking hashtags?
3) Auto-banning users by hashtag?
4) A downvoting system like reddit? Eg. upvote or downvote a tag to affect its trendiness?
5) Could trending tags actually *combat* abuse?


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