The best way to fight the power of Facebook is probably not to just , but to subvert it.

Facebook works by letting you use it for free, in exchange for using your data commercially.

It survives because people keep using it for personal purposes, which it can then sell.

If you want to fight that, use your personal Facebook account for exclusively commercial purposes, without buying advertising. Promote your business, post affiliate links, and avoid it for anything personal.

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The result is that gradually, people will stop following you on Facebook for anything personal, and you can then help them connect with you elsewhere, eg. using Signal for messaging instead of Messenger.

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@shooshadoo Tbh there's no perfect messaging app to recommend. I think Telegram > FBM for sure, but Signal has more of their stuff open sourced which is a plus.

@byronalley, I've ended up using my FB account to publicly post links to political and climate change news/articles... just a few each week though - no point annoying people.

Aside from that I almost never post "private" stuff on FB any more.

I s'pose encouraging people to think about news is a bit subversive these days ;)

A funny thing is, I haven't lost FB friends since starting to do that - but I have gained random followers who comment on the news items. So I guess it's worthwhile.

@byronalley Commercial intents are interesting enough to be monetized. Think at credit rating. And you will still expose all the other meta data: Where are you. Who do you communicate with. What do you sell/buy. Who are your customers... This is valuable data. Stop using #facebook.


@balu That's true, but the value of FB itself goes down the less people connect with each other on it. If the whole site turns into people spamming each other then it's better than people just using it less, they'll actually be annoyed and incentivized to avoid it.

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