@meejah I'll check it out, it could always be mostly new to me!

@alcinnz Interesting! Very different direction than I'd had in mind, but in a good way. I was expecting "trendy new popular shows I haven't heard of" and never even included podcasts/radio shows in my expectations.

What's the show right now with currently the best ? Specifically, that showcases a lot of underexposed new musical talent?

I find that often, TV shows with really good sound directors are the best way to find fresh .

@veer66 😂 That's pretty funny. It kind of amazes me though that you actually like coding in Java, but then I've heard it got a lot better since I turned away from it *cough* *cough* years ago.

@veer66 I think it's really useful to have in your toolbox at least one rapid-development scripting language, and one faster compiled one.

Rust is a really fascinating entry into that "correctness and speed" category.

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Canada's privacy laws have 'no teeth': an eight-month investigation into Tim Hortons' data tracking shows that systems are built to frustrate transparency, and companies don't face any real penalties when they ignore the law.


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FOSTA is the broadest Internet censorship law in more than two decades. We're proud to be part of the legal team representing @WoodhullSFA, @HRW, @archive, and two named plaintiffs in their challenge to it. woodhullfoundation.org/2020/09

@Anthiese I speak a few languages with both singular & plural you, so I find it annoying that English lost thou.

But we do have ways of specifying plural you:
- You guys
- You all
- Y'all
- All y'all
- You both/three/insert number

True: "they" has been used in the singular forever BUT as gender ambiguous, not neuter gender hence fewer use cases and issues.

So a truly neutral/nb they *does* require innovating some disambiguators eg:
- they themself
- they alone
- they all
- th'all

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Debugging in an exercise in humility. Keep telling yourself that yes, the error is in your code, and yes, it’s probably a silly mistake, and you’ll save yourself lots of time :)

@devrandom That's always been my thought. Like wow, have you ever done work with anyone before? Let alone been in a management position.

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This expresses my problem with most conspiracy theories so accurately.

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🚨 Planning a trip to the EU 🇪🇺 in the future?

By 2022, travel surveillance measures including automated profiling, biometric databases, and ‘pre-crime’ watchlists will come into use.

Read why you should be concerned:
privacyinternational.org/expla nitter.net/privacyint/status/1

@codl That's not too surprising. Usually the "documented in other places" info is good enough for most purposes. I guess that's what I mean, it's not as damaging to open work if the info is "out there" even if the standard itself isn't freely accessible.

Partly because most standards documents are barely readable anyway.

This Mozilla dev AMA is interesting given the recent layoffs.


(Thanks to @320x200 for the link)

@codl Right, that was even kinda my point: like, MP3 and GIF opened up substantially. And JPEG being super old, and created by some kind of standards group... you figure it would be easy to get hold of the standard.

@codl Ugh! Really??? I thought that happening with such widely used specs like this was an n < CURRENT_YEAR problem.

It's really been amazing to see how much of a move we've had to openness when it comes to certain codecs, standards etc. compared to years ago.

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"One of the reasons why getting full access to your device is really tempting for governments is the same reason it’s tempting for abusive partners and former partners: we carry tracking devices in our pockets." - EFF Director of Cybersecurity @evacide ted.com/talks/eva_galperin_wha

@lanodan @admin It's also why "decentralized" given no hints as to "how it works" might be a feature: because the Fediverse is amazing in how it works in heterogeneous ways. Not all the servers have to choose to or be able to talk to each other and it still works.

But I also do agree: decentralized doesn't hint at the important associative, P2P server swarming dynamic which *is* a distinctive feature of this kind of interoperation.

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