My housemate, who doesn't like onion or garlic, is claiming he is a foody because he likes "most meats and most sauces that are good"

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A former undercover FBI agent has confessed his role in an NYPD/FBI conspiracy to murder Malcom X.

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Matt Hancock is a weaselly cunt but I don't understand the obsession with calling for resignations. The Tory party is still going to be full of fucking Tories they'll just replace him with another weaselly cunt

The way AI-nerds talk about AI-risk seems deeply fucked up.
"Oh this thing could be dangerous, let's put it in an unbreakable mind-prison" instead of "Let's nurture it then it won't want to be evil"

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Cool. Apparently GMB won their case against Uber.

"Judges ruled in GMB's favour - determining that Uber drivers are not self-employed"

Mad that it took 4 years and 3 appeals to get to what seems pretty obvious.

"Lawyers... say tens of thousands of Uber drivers could be entitled to an average of £12,000 each in compensation"

Apparently 1/11 people in Britain believe David Icke's take on coronavirus (whatever that is) according to some study or other.

Mentioned this to one of my housemates "yeah well if you asked me I'd probably say I believed him too, I don't know who he is, sounds like a scientist"

"Oregon leads the way in decriminalizing hard drugs"

"Oregon... decriminalizes possession of heroin, methamphetamine, LSD, oxycodone and other hard drugs."

UK drug legalization when

UK politics, covid 

Anyway, this thought brought to you by the clip of the "influencer" on GMB defending herself flying out to Dubai or wherever in the middle of a pandemic by saying it's her job to inspire people.

Disclaimer: I still think the blame for the covid situation in the UK rests entirely with the gov

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By saying it's his job, it makes it sound like it's a responsibility he's been given and is carrying out dutifully, rather than something he has decided to do himself to earn money.

Small detail but seemed like an important part of the sociopathic character they're trying to portray

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Something I really liked about the film nightcrawler was how the main character defended what he was doing by saying it was his job

"why are you filming people at their lowest"
"It's my job to bring people the news"

Or something like that

Everything you do on your smartphone is forwarded to the NSA (no change)

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Tesco online grocery deliveries now come with a complementary handgun in the calibre of your choice

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If you try to cross a road without first reciting the pledge of allegiance your smartphone will auto-detect and dial 999

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If you sign up to social media with a funny name a SWAT team will come to your house and kill your dog

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