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I'ma ham and cheese sandwich, and you're listening to NPR

it was such a good idea to make a website completely out of bisexual communists. I love Mastodon

band is pretty gay but choir is gayer

(this is meant in a good way)

I'm a soggy piece of bread, and you're listening to NPR.

What I'm digging now:

"Can we help you, Movie Lady? Do you need a push, or something?"
--Crow T. Robot

ok we're all happy Mccain died but does anybody kow how I can slide into a girls DMs>?

I have more followers here than the awful birdsite so I’d better not mess it up- *slips comically and drops a huge tray full of hot soup in the middle of the fancy restaurant* Aw jeeeez I did it agaaaaiiiinnnnn! *turns to camera, mugs a grin, credits roll over laugh track*

in my new online class, learn how to make cookies out of butter, raw eggs, and cookies

folks i'm gonna be real honest with you...

i NEED this Mastodon thing to take off because i just ordered 80,000 of these bumper stickers from the printer, and i can't afford to be caught holdin' my junk if this whole thing fizzles.

please consider my personal commercial interests when choosing a social media platform, thk u!

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