Hello all, I've resumed emulator development in a more limited capacity under a new fork which I am calling ares.

I've released the first version with full PC Engine CD emulation added, and I am currently working on Nintendo 64 emulation for a future release.

You can follow the new emulator's progress at the links below:


Thank you all so much ^-^

I've written an article for ArsTechnica covering the history of what we were able to accomplish during my time in SNES emulation, as well as the last major piece that remains to be finished. Thanks to Kyle Orland for the amazing opportunity here!

higan development will continue at github.com/higan-emu

higan's GUI will be rebranded higan/expert, and byuu's GUI will be rebranded higan/simple. They will share the same repository as they were never more than alternative GUI frontends anyway.

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byuu v4 and higan v110 have been released.

This release features substantial PC Engine emulation improvements.


byuu v1 released. This is my magnum opus emulator project, which aims to provide the accuracy of higan with the simplicity and performance of bsnes.

I am looking for co-developers to join the project. Please help spread the word if you can, thank you ^-^


byuu v0.14 released.

This release features massive speedups across all of higan's most demanding cores, and some new usability enhancements.

This is the final beta before a v1 release that will follow shortly. Any last-minute testing would be appreciated!


byuu v0.12 is up, and includes a new scanline renderer for the Mega Drive (Sega Genesis) VDP. It boosts performance from an average of ~85fps to ~210fps.

Still remaining, I need to optimize PC Engine and Game Boy Advance support. But unfortunately, neither will be quite as simple as just adding scanline renderers.

I've implemented another SNES PPU scanline renderer into the new byuu emulator. That boosts the framerate from 80fps to 200fps on a modest Ryzen 2600 CPU. I want to do the same for Genesis, Turbografx, and GBA, so that all systems can hit 150+ fps, and thus be able to use run-ahead comfortably.

One more beta, v0.10. Adds joypad support and exposes all remaning critical options (overscan, interframe blending, etc.)

Has a known issue with PAL region games running at NTSC speeds, but will be fixed soon. I think after that, v1 should be ready!


I posted an early access beta release of byuu v0.8!


No gamepad support yet, and many missing features, but it's a start. Feeback would be most welcome!

Final list of systems for byuu v1.

The notable exceptions are Famicom Disk System, Super Game Boy, Sega CD, ColecoVision. All but ColecoVision is likely to appear in future releases (CV has too weird of a controller for the all-in-one gamepad mapping system in byuu.)

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@byuu Looks like the cross-instance follow is glitching out for some reason, maybe the account is too new and it thinks it doesn't exist yet?

I will still be using the old "higan/bsnes"-style embossed byuu logo for business branding, of course!

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Speaking of development ...

PepVerbsNouns on Twitter has created a new logo and icon set for the new byuu emulator!

Here is the new logo:

I have six cores implemented into the new emulator now (NES, SNES, MS, GG, PCE, SGX), and the new logo+icon is being finalized. The SNES still needs to support external coprocessor firmware though.

As a cool side effect, the modernized icarus can now be compiled as a library to embed directly into applications. Not really as useful for higan, since it's useful to run icarus directly for bulk importing of games. Given byuu will run games directly, it's better to just embed it and have a single executable I think.

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