I've posted a video explanation and demonstration of the recent run-ahead support that I've added to bsnes.


You can download it now at github.com/byuu/bsnes

Thank you!

bsnes now has deterministic rewind and run-ahead support. You can remove up to four frames of input lag from the original game engines, but in practice a setting of 1-2 works best.

I'd like to do a dual release of bsnes v112 and higan v107 in the near future. Would anyone be up for some extensive testing of the current nightly builds to spot any potential issues before an official release? Okay if not, but can't hurt to ask ^-^;;

I wrote up a post-mortem blog post on an issue causing input latency only(!) when using the frame advance function in bsnes, if anyone's interested.

Could be a fun look into the bugfixing process of an emulator maybe.


I posted a new video demonstrating my SNES development hardware (defparam's 21fx design) that I use for reverse engineering the SNES for my bsnes and higan emulators, as well as for game PCB verification for the SNES preservation project: youtube.com/watch?v=eW_Bz00pTc

It's mostly passed by now. Everything turned out okay in my case. Thank you to everyone for the concern. If I find a good donation link for people impacted by the storm, I'll be sure to link it.

Still safe here. Lots of rain, moderate winds. The southern part of Tokyo hasn't fared quite as well with lots of localized flooding.

It's like having your own little mini Starbucks ten feet away from your apartment building, with no human interaction required.

It's finally starting to cool down here in Tokyo, thankfully. The summers here are truly brutal.

Now I just have to wait a bit longer for the hot drinks to return to the vending machines. I can't wait~

I've posted a new article on my emudev site explaining how bsnes and higan further mitigate input latency. I believe the technique could benefit other emulators as well. I'd be open to hearing your thoughts, thanks!


I've posted a new article on my emudev website explaining cooperative threading, how it can be used in emulation, and what its pitfalls and shortcomings are.


bsnes v111 released. This version fixes all reported issues, and provides a 3% performance improvement.

Windows download: bsnes.byuu.org
macOS and Linux downloads: cirrus-ci.com/github/byuu/bsne
Source code: github.com/byuu/bsnes
Changelog: byuu.org/link:20191005_060828

The AMA has now ended, thank you to everyone who participated!

I'll be doing an AMA on reddit.com/r/pcgaming in two hours, if anyone's interested.

I've posted a new article describing the overall structure of CD-ROMs, as well as making a proposal for a better CD-ROM archival file format. Did you know that each 650MB CD actually encodes ~2.3GB of data?

You may read the article here: byuu.net/compact-discs/structu

Another video, this time demonstrating and explaining HD mode 7 in bsnes:


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