I'm going to get back into writing articles, but this time with a more positive slant. So far, two older articles are available again at, though more will be added in the future.

@byuu I enjoyed the first one, and will try to find time to read the next one soon. :)

I would like to suggest though that you don't nest your menu items, or find a way to open them *inside* the current viewport, as on my phone running it was not obvious to me that Social Links expanded to the right, outside my viewport, and I suddenly had to scroll to the right.

worst case alternative would perhaps be to auto-scroll

@FiXato That would definitely be a solid enhancement to open menus in a way that fits on the screen, but I'm not sure how ... the menus appear using absolute positions, which don't know about the current screen resolution =(

Maybe I need to just move to a singular dropdown menu on the left, then just show "common" links that fit along the top until the text gets cut off, hmm ...

as an interim solution, perhaps change the left: 100% on the deep-nested nav ul to something quite a bit smaller?
It will overlap, but it will also at the very least show there is another menu folding out, as it's more likely it will show up in the visible viewport.

You could choose to apply this workaround only on narrow enough viewports with a media breakpoint rule.

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