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The secret of housework is that half-assing it is MORE than half as good as full-assing it.

In this session of Dungeons, Dragons & Dives Gramf wins his bet by reaching Icy Icy first (thanks to the portal door on top of the club) and the gnomes enjoy a buffet. Meanwhile, at The Clutches; there’s a race up the stairs that Kammie wins, Fi and Ammo…

This is a very nice and simple site that is really good at explaining the history and situation, if you are feeling confused as to why things like “bombing not just civilians but also news offices” is a thing that is happening.

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I’m not like, super sharp at grasping a lot of political stuff, but even as a Salvi-Palestinian kid growing up in a rural white evangelical community it was pretty obvious to me early on that actually it’s pretty simple, and that, y’know, apartheid and ethnic cleansing is wrong.

Speaking of links, I also recently shared a bunch about bullet planners, which I realised were not that intimidating once I sanded the edges off:

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New public Patreon link dump post! Drawing references, sword sound ideas, a weird thing about orange peels, Goosebump covers, and more!

I’ve been making black bean and ham soup and I always forget what a delicious torture waiting is.

Putting a cropped long sleeve on over a sleeveless tee because I am living in the layering future.

One of my favourite lines today was from Varna, regarding her unsubtle methods: "I like to think of what I do less as stealing and more as taking."

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In this session of Dungeons, Dragons & Dives friends are reunited and meanwhile on Gramf’s ship, the crew disappears and the gnomes somehow manage to stop a skeleton pirate attack.

We have been watching The O.C. and I am living for the comic book side plot. Lol, what a mess!

Recently treated myself to an absolutely delightful bunch of goods from @AshleaBechaz, especially excited to about the patch!

I don't have a lot that really needs the full crop but why not share some old art too.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with these little photos I keep printing from the 2000’s-era ELPH Chase got me, but they make me happy.

In this session of Dungeons, Dragons & Dives the ships make the final leg to Skirt’s family’s land, passing doppelgänger ships they did not mess with and floating rocks they did.

Gotta say I love the space we can save with vacuum bags but also they are deeply satisfying, especially the ones with just puffy coats in them.

Supporters have a link to a doc with ALL THE THINGS and helpful headers but the individual roundups are all public posts and tagged “Twitter Bookmarks” since most I’ve found via Twitter:

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Oh right! The latest link roundup is up on a public Patreon post, this one has everything from word balloons to buttermilk, the plague to seitan:

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