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I love nothing more than when somebody finally ditches a boyfriend who is such a complete and utter dirt bag and tattoo face Joker is exactly that wretch.

Oh people are Having Opinons on movies that are old?! Here is mine: I think Joker as a new money fuckboy who bites brown culture and thinks he’s special is great and there were a lot of problems with how he was done in Suicide Squad but he is nonetheless the PERFECT ex-boyfriend.

I’ve said before that DC needs to embrace being the Hot Topic goth, in all its spectrum of what that is, but Chase just blew my mind by adding that it means Marvel is Spencer’s.

How have we not put chili in mac & cheese before?!

I feel like I didn’t get much done this year but then I see things like this and am like “oh, right.” I drew loads, wrote a bunch, and threw myself wholly into D&D.

I’ve literally done Crisis related things for work AND DC Multiverse things and still feel like I’m saying just total garbage nonsense words while talking about what is going on in these shows right now but really all I need is one thing to keep me engaged an episode.

Gramf harvested star figs to ferment and later gave one to his friend’s Dragonborn ex-bf, saying “she’d be mad if I DIDN’T give you a potentially dangerous drug fig.”

Gramf, planning the opening of his restaurant the next day, said “I think o have an inquest tomorrow but I feel like I am be late to that.”

A game of “catchy soupy” was invented which involved an unseen servant running on the conveyer belt at Gramf’s restaurant.

Almost forgot to share some key quotes from this session. “Are you sure you want to get a bunch of dragons really high?”

I love comics storylines because there are things like anti-towers (???) or parallel earths (!!!) and shadow demons I guess. But I am much more emotionally engaged with how the trivia host for the Legends intro was clearly hired as a Griffin McElroy-type.

Watching a Supergirl for the first time so I can experience the Crisis arc fully.

In this session of Dungeons, Dragons & Dives, it was like the whole town was getting lit midday, while Reives finished errands and got coached for tomorrow’s inquest. Which did NOT happen in the Wandering Depths.

Annoyed because there’s a fic on Tumblr I read about a couple who forge rings with iron from blood as protection against fairies for college students??!! But I can’t find it!

Had a great time visiting CALA today!! It’s been, ah, maybe seven years since I’ve been to a comics event and it was really nice to be back and see folks I love and who’s work I love.

My heart’s favourite is being reminded I have a discount through their Patreon and, after I was cheerfully like “oops, that’s fine, no worries!” I received an incredibly precise partial Paypal refund and I laughed so hard I cried because I love who my friends are as people.

From pure business, no special treatment, because HELL YES you are running a business! To surprise goodies and sweet notes and threats to cancel my payment because my money is no good here. I love all of it.

I love my friends who make things because then I can buy from them and they can react in a spectrum of ways, all of which please me.

I don’t really celebrate Christmas but I love me a fancy tree, just like I don’t really need a bra but sometimes wear one for fashion.

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