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Chase said my hyper flexibility has “bagged out the knees” of my “flesh pants,” and even if he’s right I also hate him.

Has anybody tried to set up a date between the headless horseman and the girl with the velvet ribbon. Would that be awkward or do you think they share enough similar interests.

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Picture: Mr. Headless Horseman wearing a turtleneck and pouring cider down his throat hole, enjoying the early turn of autumn from his porch before suiting up to go creep some folks out.

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Do you think modern headless horseman has one of those cute pet backpacks to carry his head on so his arms are free.

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Anyway you ever think the headless horseman is jealous of his horse having a head.

Sometimes I go to text a shitpost to someone and it ends up being the wrong person in my top three and it so far has worked out but someday it will spectacularly not.

It’s way too late to be posting new art but who cares. Dungeons & Delias, featuring some of the main PCs and NPCs from our side game where most of the characters were teens.

Just under the wire to keep my so far weekly Patreon update streak going, a whole mess of book/film/TV reviews for my Patreon supporters.

Some choice quotes from the game.
-"That's not from your DM, that's from your clown."
- Gramf: "I don't read much on spells but you were supposed to be power without feeling."
- Prin: "Would anyone consider Gramf a cursed object?" (multiple hands raise)

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In this session of Dungeons, Dragons & Dives Gramf faced the consequences of his own actions when his almost constant use of Unseen Servant backfired and created Nix, who we then had to free from role of servant (and also clown, long story) and who is no…

The sudden realisation that I could probably easily cosplay Harrowhark.

Since our regular channel service lost El Ray I’ve missed being able to just have shows on without worrying it’ll end up playing something utterly garbage.

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One of my favourite things about Shudder as a service is that it has a couple of normal channels so I don’t have to pick anything, I can just pick a vibe and let their programming run and it’ll be what it says on the tin.

It’s nice because there’s never any guilt over not finishing all the greens from the week’s CSA, no matter what they become the next week’s dip/sauce.

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I was telling someone about how Chase has been making some really great sauces lately and they asked what my fave was and it’s just “green sauce” which is all the leftover greens from the week blended up with oil, garlic, spices, lemon and maybe yoghurt.

It’s a sick day for me, time to watch Burlesque for maybe the first time since I saw it in the theatre. Love this tame baby of Showgirls and Cabaret starring Cher and Christina Aguilera.

How do I explain to the myriad of pop ups on every social site that not only am I registered to vote but I check my registration on average about once a month because I’ve had problems with it “sticking.”

Right now my phone library is so clogged with useless screen grabs and process snaps I am unable to do any “don’t download new photo” memes.

Could not think of the name for ruffled potato chips and called them “wrinkle chips,” noting this here now for when I’m like “why am I using this cursed phrase?” five years from now.

Beyond “disembodied clown noises,” a concept from today’s session that is haunting me is “much like brunch, [having] skin is a state of mind.”

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