Played a game of Gloom this evening, it was miles better than I remembered. Making a story out of everything was 💯

Also managed to win Unstable Unicorns (+ NSFW expansion) with an unstoppable army of babies

the existence of snouts implies the existence of snins has been down for most of today, maybe this is the impetus to take a look at

english speakers genuinely think every other language is just english with different words

please ignore the fact that I have had exactly the same problem on my domain since June, because I haven't run the ~1 command needed to fix it

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Spotify did an oopsie and forgot to rejig their SSL cert before it expired. If a company like that can do it, then I'm off the hook for any and all problems with my site, excellent

Really enjoyed listening to Girl Band from Dublin this eve... Was great to have a drink and sit back and be overwhelmed by reverb

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Per @cac 's suggestion I've made a modified version of my Teanglann injection userscript for

For some reason it required more hax to make it work there, on Tuairisc the script can be reduced to a single line. 🤷

#gaeilge #irish

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in switzerland you aren't allowed to have a train with exactly 256 axles because of an integer overflow in the axle counting machine

i wish i could fix my software bugs by making it illegal to cause them

náire orm nach éistim le níos mó ceoil éireannach, so táim ag déanamh iarracht é sin a athrú. Seo mo léarscáil ceoil


ashamed I don't listen to more Irish music, so I'm trying to change that. Here's my music map

@damnablebear ty for the follow, I hope my irregularly active profile tickles your pickle.
I see "beermaker" in your profile; I've had a beer bucket in my basement for a year, but never got around to using it, have been wanting to dig it up for the last few weeks. Do you have a resource / book you'd recommend to dive in, or is buying one of those dodgy Brooklyn beer kits to start with a good bet?
I was given one before, forgot about it, the yeast probably died, I threw it out, now I'm thirsty

Someone tried to connect to my MUD via their browser and because of how character creation works right now, that kind of worked so there's now a player standing in Crossed Candles Inn with the user name "GET / HTTP/1.1"

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