marbh ar fad, ach ar an mbealach chuig an t-aerfort

the fan in my computer just started up, suggesting that it may be 'sick of my shit'

Tired: “don’t forget to turn off your computer on dec 31st 1999!”
Wired: “don’t forget to turn off your computer on jan 1st 2038”
Inspired: “don’t forget to turn off your computer right now. Go away. It’s not worth it. Leave it.”

v easy to see I was doing some frantic googling earlier for my Go project

Just found all the flags in this Kainos CTF, a great way to procrastinate on the work I was supposed to do

have also been reading the activitypub standard, in the plan to implement something along those lines. Very impressed with how readable it is, compared to every other standard I've come across.

Have been lurking on Mastodon for the past few weeks, but not posting. It's g

i started a bunch of projects over my month off work, and have yet to finish any, so it's all going pretty well

i say "M Y B R A A A N D" and "in this economy?" probs too much to be funny to anyone else but i make myself laff so its worth it

I'm also finally paying my tech debt and simplifying my old project, which is 100% needed and 0% sexy

Playing with CSS Grid for the first time, on recommendation from a friend. It's... nice. CSS is nice. What happened to the world

@calvin Hey, thanks for linking my blog post (this wee one: on last week! Any chance you could send me an invite to the site? It seems a bit nicer than hacker news.

Really really cool post on improving #python #performance:

For example, did you know that scripts run noticeably faster if you call

if __name__ == '__main__':

instead of running the code directly? Scopes & magic.

Good morning.

This is an actual sign posted by the lifts in my office building.



Completely bizarre article. Still can't wait for the TV series to be made out of the whole Levandowski affair

Twitter just showed me some almost porn that a friend 'liked' but had not retweeted. I am pretty sure they did not want that to appear in my stream next to their name!!!

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