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i say "M Y B R A A A N D" and "in this economy?" probs too much to be funny to anyone else but i make myself laff so its worth it

I'm also finally paying my tech debt and simplifying my old project, which is 100% needed and 0% sexy

Playing with CSS Grid for the first time, on recommendation from a friend. It's... nice. CSS is nice. What happened to the world

@calvin Hey, thanks for linking my blog post (this wee one: on last week! Any chance you could send me an invite to the site? It seems a bit nicer than hacker news.

Really really cool post on improving #python #performance:

For example, did you know that scripts run noticeably faster if you call

if __name__ == '__main__':

instead of running the code directly? Scopes & magic.

Good morning.

This is an actual sign posted by the lifts in my office building.



Completely bizarre article. Still can't wait for the TV series to be made out of the whole Levandowski affair

Twitter just showed me some almost porn that a friend 'liked' but had not retweeted. I am pretty sure they did not want that to appear in my stream next to their name!!!

you, a coward: data should be stored in data structures
me, controversial yet brave: data is stored in the balls

RT My password generator just spat out a password that starts with <H1> and ends with </H1> and now I’m seriously questioning the RNG...

"This Whole Thing Smacks Of Blockchain," i holler as i overturn my AI-controlled drone and turn the Consumer Electronics Show into the Consumer Electronics of Shit

I keep forgetting to update the bird site too, but that's nbd

keep forgetting about updating mastodon; oops

it's almost time to open the whisky, ich bin excited

This is the ideal blob. You may not like it, but this is what peek performance looks like.