Added total visit duration calculations, and made driving routes (buses, cars, taxis, etc) snap to roads. Definitely time to sleep now.

- Fixed all the data that was there (eg. flights to Egypt now show up)
- Added missing trip legs in between (see: roadtrip in Romania)
- Swapped to geodesics for flights instead of straight lines.
- Added types of place to pop-ups.
- Changed code to work with the newer version of Google's geocode API

Fós á dhéanamh:
- All the data from the past ~12 months was never entered anywhere yet.
- The visit numbers seem inflated (eg. I've only been in Bremen airport once, but it's listed as twice).

Instead of studying for my final exams next week, I spent a while adding a little Leaflet map to an old travel tracking project. A lot of my travel data is missing, but the visualisation is surprisingly nice, considering it only took about 2 hours.

never seen anyone so hyped up about programming before, thanks youtube recommendations

hot swiss cheese in a big pot 

Spent some time today starting a little random-town-generator (pinged some ideas off of @BreoganHackett, ty breogan).

It has a lot still to do (most obviously, collision detection), but it's a wee start.

Still burnt out, but still have work to do

But my new Pixel takes nice photos

I need by the looks of things. Wanted to wget it. wget isn't installed, and brew doesn't support this version of macOS.

Before I got firefox going, I tried to install brew ("tigerbrew", an old version) to get wget, and it turns out Xcode is required for that. New xcode doesn't support this OS version, so old Xcode it is. All the dates are wrong on the Xcode downloads site; latest version was released in 1918.

v easy to see I was doing some frantic googling earlier for my Go project

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