Have spent the evening trying to write a lib to allow a bot written with fbchat (a python library enabling Facebook Messenger automation) to work for Telegram with few/no code changes. Dumb scenario, but needed for a thing a group of friends uses. The bot is solely tech debt at this point; no functionality, just legacy

@Michcioperz @angristan I did have some trouble communicating in Wroclaw, but found a nice Ukrainian to translate some stuff for me

@Michcioperz was meaning to check out pleroma. Will take a look at litepub - on first browse, it seems pretty sensible, and seems to still allow interop with Mastodon (which because of its network size is prio #1 for us)

@Michcioperz hopefully will roll github.com/kazarena/json-gold or similar to handle incoming JSON-LD nicely, and IIRC you can send whatever valid JSON-LD you like out to the rest of the network. In the short term, we're doing just enough to get by, but will eventually prob need to hack it to get interop with other big networks.

@Michcioperz it's all v interesting, and has lots of other interesting problems mostly unrelated to federation

@Michcioperz activitypub, so in the coming weeks it'll in theory be interoperable with mastodon in some way (although masto rolls its own stuff alongside/on top activitypub)

@Michcioperz maybe mastodon.social just had another surge, idk. I'm busy writing my own federated blogging network for uni, it's not easy to get this stuff to work

@Michcioperz I only check in on the fediverse every fortnight or so, am v busy

marbh ar fad, ach ar an mbealach chuig an t-aerfort

the fan in my computer just started up, suggesting that it may be 'sick of my shit'

Tired: “don’t forget to turn off your computer on dec 31st 1999!”
Wired: “don’t forget to turn off your computer on jan 1st 2038”
Inspired: “don’t forget to turn off your computer right now. Go away. It’s not worth it. Leave it.”

v easy to see I was doing some frantic googling earlier for my Go project

Just found all the flags in this Kainos CTF, a great way to procrastinate on the work I was supposed to do

have also been reading the activitypub standard, in the plan to implement something along those lines. Very impressed with how readable it is, compared to every other standard I've come across.

Have been lurking on Mastodon for the past few weeks, but not posting. It's g

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