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this is how i roll, with pretend hacker text

is anyone on untappd?

i know people do exist that are on it, but I only know like 3 irl

LIFEHACK: make a bit of extra cash by putting negative signs on the prices of things you buy, restaurant bills, etc

put a extra line on the left of every barcode to turn the price to a negative !!! (twos complement) lifehack !! !!!!

Spent the night last night jobhunting. Bleh. At least my CV is up to date now.

🎵starting projects then almost immediately abandoning them 🎵

uh, according to, there are > 2000 mastodon users on an instance in the isle of man, like the same number as there are in instances in Austria? wha

I've spent today arguing with Revolut and looking up home brewing kits. Zero work done. Feels good


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