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O que é essa preguiça?!?!?!

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i'm NEW and i'd love to follow some ppl so fave this n i'll check u out !!!!!

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just putting this out there. is not taken.

@SarcasmKid can you give this food to someone else?

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If anyone is interested in contributing to a #FLOSS project and knows about web programming:

@codeawayhaley announced she wants to create a federated blog system that looks/feels like Tumblr.

It will be based on mastodon code - the first tasks will be to adjust mastodons UI and add RSS feeds.

Github is

#ff #FediverseFriday #programming #webdev

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Good morning, Mastodonians! Fridayness is upon us.

@applecandy I'm on UTC -4 due to summer savings timey thing

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@applecandy not dinner yet, but we still have time...

@BirdMachine one of the furniture items that I used to underestimate the most. It made a huge difference when I got one.

this is my jam Show more

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whites will always defend whiteness, instinctively, and defending whiteness (its supremacy, the power of it, and the validity of that power) will always be a priority, no matter how large, or small

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Remember : if you care for decentralized services & social networks, be there soon, and make a small effort to regularly post *interesting*, *insightful*, *funny* things on your account.

This will drive more people to these alternatives, and (hopefully) kill the network effect that prevent previous ones to take off.

And be excellent to each others <3