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What kind of healthcare does Goku and his friends have?

Tony Romo is helping me understand the game better.

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@ticky I'm announcing my desire to mine Bitcoin please give me money, too

And the bass in this sound system is very above average.

I'm kind like when drivers blast music in the car.

I just mailed stuff, in the post office, in real life, physically. There was people there and we talked in real life.

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My wife and I are expecting a baby girl. This weekend we took some plain white onesies and fabric markers and had some fun. Here are my additions:

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Hey #fediverse,

what are you using for calendaring?

I tried #owncloud/#nextcloud and want to get off it as quickly as possible.

Terminal applications accepted (& preferred!) - webdav/caldav not really needed. Nice web view would be a bonus but not a must.

I already use taskwarrior for todo's & syncthing for keeping an archive of reference materials.

#productivity #gtd

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Starting now the Berlin Wall has been down longer than it was up:
Construction began 13-Aug-1961. Demolition began 9-Nov-1989. 10284 days. 5 January 2018 is 10284 days since the wall began coming down.

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Caesarologia is taken by a fey mood!
Caesarologia has become a carpenter.

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I just added Zotero to my favorites in gnome.

I really liked unity. I guess those days are gone now.