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Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses.

Movistar has cyclists from South and Central America.

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Ah, the joys of being on a free and open source operating system with free and open source apps: I launch Geary (email app) for the first time today to set up my account and see that FastMail isn't supported while surveillance-based emails are (Gmail, Yahoo, …). So I fork the repo, add the support, and boom, it works and I setup my account.

Bliss! :)

(Will chat to the Geary team tomorrow; it's early, there might be issues, and I don't entirely know what I'm doing yet with that codebase.) :)

friends, why I do not have sound on and , but do have it on and everything else.

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Facebook put out a patent application for a face recognition system that will match your face in stores and correlate it with your social media profile to assign you a shopper trust level.

That's some seriously dystopian shit right there.

Question: if I want to be online at "Tuesday, July 24 at 12PM" do I stay awake late on July 23 until midnight? or do I stay up late on July 24? This things always confuse me when people don't use 24h.

And I broke the front breaks today changing a flat.

It must have been a nice bike in the mid eighties, but the frame is crooked and I'm done trying to position the rear wheel in a way that kind of compensated the crookedness.

And I think my commuter/beater (aka the Tank) is a goner.

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so if dogs jump over things - do we call it 'barkour'?

I apologies for nothing 😁

O mais assustador em Hellraiser são os penteados. Disparado...

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your hacker name is the first 16 digits of your credit card number followed by the expiration date and security code, followed by your full name and billing address, followed by your birthday and social security number and mother's maiden name, followed by "the hacker"

What if we put Joss Whedon and Elon Musk in a child size submarine in the trunk of a Tesla car, shoot it into the sun, take all their stuff, and divide it among those who need it?

Deletei a maq virtual de dev pra baixar mais anime, mas não baixei nada... :/