the band mastodon is actually named after the web site

I know I'm a tired parent when my idea of staying up late on a Friday night became going to bed at 20:30 after watching three episodes of Community.

fotos dos anéis de Saturno em ultravioleta, mostra tons de vermelho, roxo, azul e verde. Saturno é queer.

Friends, how to you organize yourselves? Evernote?

Does anyone have any recommendations of Evernote alternatives? FOSS? non-surveillance capitalism? May I be so bold to tag @aral for a suggestion?

Atari Teenage Riot is surprisingly helpful to focus on writing.

Meu objetivo esse Thanksgiving é não engordar dez kilos

The smell of a chlorinated heated indoor pool is just so much better than swimming.

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Nice neighbors have us a kg of dates. What can I do with it? I ate like fine already.

I chickened out when he's saying goodbye to his mom.

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