To apply for a British passport you need to know what an American "crosswalk" looks like, because they outsource human-verification to Google...

@jpeg Love Mast so far! If you're soliciting feature requests, I have two for the settings screen:
• Show which option is currently selected for multi-option settings.
• Allow long-press-anywhere action to be set to "nothing". (I keep triggering it by accident.)
• Keep up the great work!! 👍
Thank you!!

This is my son. He graduated #1 in son camp. He was awarded the son award. He was #1 in son school. He is a gentle son who respects sons. He won’t go on the sun because it is a hostile climate for sons. I SON! #HashTagISonForMySon

When a branding agency straight-up trolls its client's customers.

This news is interesting, but not quite as interesting as the headline makes it sound.

Two kernel panics in under a week using Mojave after zero in two years using Sierra. Remind me why I literally ever update software, again?

I like Shortcuts on iOS in theory, but I wish there were a Mac client. Spent thirty minutes doing what should have been a 3-minute refactor of a bunch of similar shortcuts into one more flexible one. No way to debug or step-through either!

Apart from that lost evening, Mojave seems great! And at least APFS meant backing up my database was quick!

Ok, fixed it. Had to delete database index, disable icloud sync, disable secret second layer of icloud sync, cp SyncedRules.plist into secret icloud folder, reenable second-layer sync (not first layer), then rebuild index. Simple!

The inverse Zeno's paradox of the left: any incremental progress is too small, so no large progress is achievable.

Upgraded to Mojave. crashes on launch. 👍

I made a simple tool for viewing a podcast's RSS feed as a webpage.

Nice. New Humble Bundle of banned, challenged and censored books. But... offer not available in your region.

I have like 50 old Magic card commons which are worth about £6 total: less than the train fair to the nearest town with a shop which buys them. What other creative use can I put them to?

Apparently there's a new Spider-Man game. The only two things I know about it is that it involves photography of some kind and you can ruin a rooftop party so I'm assuming it's the game I've been waiting for my whole life.

it should be a crime to release software that could be useful to non-coders by just linking to a github page that does not explain where to get the download

I don't know how much you nerds realize this, but every time the top link on your github page is not "where to download a working version of this that you do not need to be in my *actual day job profession* in order to understand" I lose enthusiasm for and interest in your project by a factor of maybe one hundred million percent

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