Oh that’s right, I forgot. Making websites suuuuucks.

Protest works! 💪 Thank you to the campaigners and activists who beat back the bad guys on guys on this one.

Turns out it won’t play on my 2015 MacBook Pro. Doesn’t support old AMD drivers and new drivers don’t support Windows 8. :’(

Finding myself strangely excited for the new No Man’s Sky update after watching @jplebreton stream in anticipation of it. Hearing that there’ll be cooking might be the thing that finally tips me into getting this game.

Telegram rushing to become the most obnoxious chat service. Unavoidable animations, sexist stickers, encryption off by default.

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Parents: are your kids exchanging vi keymaps?

wtf: one word forward, then to the first 'f'

LOL: insert a new line with a single 'L' just above bottom of screen.

fml: move to one character past the next 'm'

tbh: move to two characters before the next 'b'

dtf: delete to 'f'

I love Michael Brough. Sweet announcement post and of course secretly excellent game.


@Stupacabra@twitter.com Also for a time we hung out on a forum based around the idea that we owned a company which had acquired rights to Speedy Eggbert and successfully convinced a guy it was true. That was back when the web was fun.

Also the author of that article, @Stupacabra@twitter.com, is the one who originally introduced me to the game. So I’m glad he’s getting paid to write about it now, 20 years later.

This game was an important part of my childhood.

These drosophila are stone-cold losers.

Audre Lorde finds the least erotic possible way to describe the erotic.

I mean that tail is still hugely and misleadingly shortened by the massive bin sizes over 10 mins. But you get the idea.

If I understand this graph correctly, the first 7 bars are a cumulative distribution and the last 4 are a survival distribution. The crossover point seems to be arbitrarily taken to make them look better.

The same icon is used by @panic@twitter.com's Transmit to mean "convert popover to window" and by @EnpassApp@twitter.com to mean "copy text". Confusing for my sleepy brain.

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