Brutal. When I finally can't use, or another client, I'll just stop using No way I can be bothered with that garbage web interface.

RT A demo of lightness perception

RT That's it for , many thanks to all presenters, attendees and organisers for making it a great experience! See you in Berlin next year!

I'll be tweeting from for the next few days.

RT πŸ’© ^MM

RT Deadly serious prediction: in two years time Tommy Robinson will have a show on LBC


Just pulled off an absolutely heroic 6-infection Pandemic win with, playing two characters each, after winding back a turn only twice. 😎

Incidentally if ur using weasel words like "such as cookies", I'm closing ur page real fast.

It's 2018 and splash pages on the web are BaCK

RT Shot/Chaser.

RT Nerd tweet, but do any internet/comms researchers follow me? How can I find out when a rec.arts newsgroup that was closed in 1994(!) was set up? I am out of my depth

RT β€œI actually meant peDON’T”

"Welcome! On The Day Today tonight:"
RT Elon Musk apologises to British cave rescue diver in Thailand he called "pedo guy" for ridiculing his mini-submarine


Things to abolish:
β€’ Immigration and Customs Enforcement
β€’ Internal Combustion Engine
β€’ Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics

RT Cave rescue: All 13 out after 17-day ordeal in Thailand


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