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RT ME, AGE 20: Ha ha, I like the riffs, but these Rage Against the Machine lyrics are kind of corny.

ME, AGE 40 (at a cocktail party): You know, some of those who work forces are actually, no joke, the same who burn crosses.

RT 五月病

RT Registration now open for
Early registration deadline June 30th, 2018

RT ruinning a mans wedding by using too many ad Hominem arguments

RT So, apparently lightning in the eye of a hurricane shot antimatter toward the ground: This is pretty fun stuff

RT Even Rage Against The Machine has to abide by GDPR.

RT Doesn’t this expose that the real centrist problem is that what political elites think of as centrism has no relation to what the actual centreground is in 2018?

Hey, when you cancel the last train of the day because of no drivers, what do I put for “length of delay” on your refund page?

RT The political alignments of Mario characters

I've just got to the ayahuasca saga episodes of . It's pretty wild.

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obligatory seaside summer photo Show more

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What is PureOS? How it's built and our goals for it, in a great article by @zlatandebian

Super pleased to see that Ed Brayton has relaunched Culture Wars Radio. One of my old favourite podcast radio shows.

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wish software would stop updating tbh. most software is done

RT 💩 ^MM

Festival of the best emerging UK theatre is somehow coming to both London AND Manchester this year. If you're near either city you'll not want to miss it! and are formidably talented.
Get in on their Kickstarter: 🎭

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I’ve just put myself in mind of Mulder pushing rope and now when I watch the x files that’s what I’ll be cursed with. Soft dick mulder. Making scully frown since 1994

RT Can’t quite believe that is in its 5th year. Incredibly proud and this year we’re heading to both &

We’re presenting 22 companies, all tickets £5 but we need to raise an additional £2.3k

Can you help?

This is parody, right?