Properly lolled to see a statue of some old slaver thrown in the sea.

There are lots of funds and orgs one can donate to at the moment. But if anyone has an informed opinion about which in particular could use my $1200 stimulus cheque more than me, I would truly appreciate the advice.

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We’re still at R>1 in the north west of England, so not attending gatherings. But let me say: Black lives matter. The brazen racism and brutality from a state of which I am a citizen is truly appalling.

This coffee is going down real smooth today.

Anyway I spent an hour hammering little plastic staples into the skirting boards to keep wires away from little hands, which is something I remember my dad doing when I was a kid.

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I'm still using ancient Airport Extreme & Express routers for their reliability, admin interface and Airplay support. Not the fastest things in the world though.

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Shame I also had to get a fistful of ethernet adapters for Apple laptops.

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Cannot get reliable wifi these days (interference?). Like it's 2002 I got a used ethernet switch from ebay and routed cat5 from ADSL modem line by the front door on the 0th floor to the diagonal opposite corner of the house on the 2nd floor where our home office is, and out to the kitchen where the backup server and Skype machine lives. And do you know what, it works great.

I feel like Python type annotations are going against the grain of the language, but my brain just works in a statically typed way. The static analyser in PyCharm helps catch bugs, but really I annotate for the benefit of my inner static analyser.

It's so satisfying to start on a big refactoring project not knowing if your half-formed mental model makes sense, and have everything click into place over the course of 3 or 4 hours. Feels like getting good at a puzzle game. If only it always happened like that ^_^;

Love to pick up my laptop and hear a tiny hard object falling through a convoluted interior chamber.

Brexit is "unarguable decision of the British people", as majority votes against it.

Trying to edit a long file in vi over ssh over VPN over a tethered cell connection on a train is like being in hell.

Some Brits know they were born to rule, and most other Brits agree with them.

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Today we’re 4-for-4 trains delayed. Might invest in a horse and wagon to substantially improve our transport reliability.

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Travelling by train in the UK with a friend visiting from Switzerland was an exercise in vicarious horror and embarrassment at this declining country.

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