Just got off the phone to answer security questions to verify the identity of a fake person I made up.

The Voyager episode "Tuvix" is fucked up.

Uncontroversial opinion: The canonical version of The Barber of Seville is performed by Bugs Bunny.

Really sad to see Extrasolar is closing down. lazy8studios.com/2018/extrasol I was always very inspired by its design and interactive storytelling. A hugely ambitious project and a magical experience to play.

I'm really getting into the new The Adventure Zone now.

Not to say that smart discussions of philosophy & identity weren't available in the 2000s. But I personally would have greatly benefited from Contrapoints' particular precise, theatrical, occasionally discomforting, Socratic style. I am watching and rewatching these.

I wish I'd had Contrapoints videos to watch when I was a 20-year-old idiot.

Having a newborn means regularly getting to experience both 4:20s in a day 😎 #420

It would be cool if the iOS contacts app had a "preferred pronoun" field.

The FaceTime "end call" sound effect is like the first two flute notes from Strawberry Fields.

Where can I buy/watch episodes of the original The Magic Roundabout from the 1960–70s?

To apply for a British passport you need to know what an American "crosswalk" looks like, because they outsource human-verification to Google...

@jpeg Love Mast so far! If you're soliciting feature requests, I have two for the settings screen:
• Show which option is currently selected for multi-option settings.
• Allow long-press-anywhere action to be set to "nothing". (I keep triggering it by accident.)
• Keep up the great work!! 👍
Thank you!!

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This is my son. He graduated #1 in son camp. He was awarded the son award. He was #1 in son school. He is a gentle son who respects sons. He won’t go on the sun because it is a hostile climate for sons. I SON! #HashTagISonForMySon

When a branding agency straight-up trolls its client's customers.

This news is interesting, but not quite as interesting as the headline makes it sound.

Two kernel panics in under a week using Mojave after zero in two years using Sierra. Remind me why I literally ever update software, again?

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