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Cai @cai

As someone who came of age in the mid 2000s enamoured with the then-burgeoning "new atheist" movement, but who's been deeply disheartened and alienated by its strong swing to the right these past few years, it's a relief to find commentators somehow able to resist that apparent siren song 🤘 s/o @pzmyers

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@cai Think how it feels for someone who was right there in the core of that burgeoning, and who watched the rot spread from day one, and backed away because he didn't want to be associated with it any more.

@pzmyers Yeah, no doubt. I don't really understand why it's happened, to be honest. To my mind scepticism, rationality and progressivism oughta go hand in hand, and it felt as if they did for a time. Still, there are good folks around, of which I'm glad, and I thank you for bringing them to the attention of your readers. Lights in the dark are few and far between these days.