When a branding agency straight-up trolls its client's customers.

This news is interesting, but not quite as interesting as the headline makes it sound.

Nice. New Humble Bundle of banned, challenged and censored books. But... offer not available in your region.

Brutal. When I finally can't use @tweetbot@twitter.com, @tweetlogix@twitter.com or another client, I'll just stop using @twitter@twitter.com. No way I can be bothered with that garbage web interface.

RT @AkiyoshiKitaoka@twitter.com: A demo of lightness perception

It's 2018 and splash pages on the web are BaCK

RT @eleanorturney@twitter.com: That @caiwingfield@twitter.com took some lovely photos of me and @jakeyoh@twitter.com last night – five years of running @IncomingFest@twitter.com together with @mrdavebyrne@twitter.com, and about eight years of working together.

I really do like Python, but sometimes I want to murder it.

RT @AnneEUrai@twitter.com: Big data problems à la 1996

RT @eslp2018@twitter.com: Registration now open for wp.lancs.ac.uk/eslp2018/regist
Early registration deadline June 30th, 2018

RT @mrgarethm@twitter.com: Even Rage Against The Machine has to abide by GDPR.

RT @ArtHousePtx@twitter.com: The political alignments of Mario characters

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