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RT Can’t quite believe that is in its 5th year. Incredibly proud and this year we’re heading to both &

We’re presenting 22 companies, all tickets £5 but we need to raise an additional £2.3k

Can you help?

This is parody, right?

It looks like the builders are stashing kilos of cocaine in the wall cavities of my department.

RT Young horse wizards must choose a path

In one of my first English lessons at secondary school we were asked to write a letter to someone we admired.

Use of CV-dazzle is now a necessary aspect of life in the UK.
RT DWP making blanket requests to leisure facilities to send all & any CCTV footage of disabled customers, so DWP can persecute disabled people who dare to go out in public

RT One-shot immitation learning from noisy labeled data!

RT Boardwalk — Scott Hunter

RT Well that’s just ridiculous.


RT 19-Year-Old Student Uses Early Spy Camera to Take Candid Street Photos (Circa 1895)

RT Eight years ago, Edge published their top 50 iOS games: the big hitters, indie breakthroughs, and most innovative ideas of the first wave of app development.

How many can still be found on the App Store today? 10 out of 50.

RT The world is terrible but Twitter excels itself.

Come to and you may find yourself having a Skype meeting from inside a wooden sphere in the forest.

RT the original internet is dead