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Wrestling with relative module importing in Python costs more of my time than any other aspect of programming. Every time I think I get it I suddenly can't run unit tests in a submodule, or move a script into a subdirectory, or something, and it's another hour on StackOverflow.

Brb, Iโ€™m just off to never ever go back to Arizona.
RT Well, after fifteen years off and on living in a house plagued by scorpions, I finally got stung. In my bed as I slept. It is not that bad, but I am extremely awake at 4am.

While my phone is being repaired I've been chatting on IM and it rules.

Oh, apparently it's closed-access ๐Ÿ”’. Sorry. But if you're a "colleague" who is "known to me" I can give you a copy for "personal use". Otherwise a pre-publication will go online when I get home.

A paper I coauthored just got published!
๐Ÿ“„: Thwaites et al. (2018) Entrainment to the CIECAM02 and CIELAB colour appearance models in the human cortex. Vision Research.

Shoutout to me in 2009 for not erasing this ipod. Even though I don't have a cable any more, I can pick up with the episodes of Pseudopod and Point of Inquiry that I was listening to when I put it away.

Whooooops I forgot to disable 2fa on my phone before I sent it away for repair... Guess I can't do... anything... for a while...

uMatrix is exactly the resource filter browser plugin I hoped someone had made. Clear, logical and powerful. Now I'm using Vivaldi instead of Safari I can use it!

I'm sending my phone to be repaired, so if I take longer than usual to reply, that's why.

Or at least the props used to indicate what kilos of cocaine look like in a movie.

It looks like the builders are stashing kilos of cocaine in the wall cavities of my department.

RT If we don't get it right, sexism, racism, and other biases will be literally encoded into our lives, trained on incorrect data that continues to leave women and people of color out of decision making.

@cassolotl Quick! Create 9 projects.

@Gargron Just a text link to "what privacy means with masto" page and describe intricate and usually uninteresting details there?

RT I keep thinking about the death of Elaine Herzberg. Every aspect of it is troubling but what sends a chill down the spine was how quickly the police stated, before investigation, "it appears that the Uber would likely not be at fault"

RT Young horse wizards must choose a path

In one of my first English lessons at secondary school we were asked to write a letter to someone we admired.