What is the Swordfishtrombones of games?

The "NO to Brexit" graffiti at the end of my road has recently escalated.

Heard a level-headed political commentator on a podcast honestly considering the dissolution of the United States out loud and it honestly took me aback.

Just got off the phone to answer security questions to verify the identity of a fake person I made up.

The Voyager episode "Tuvix" is fucked up.

Uncontroversial opinion: The canonical version of The Barber of Seville is performed by Bugs Bunny.

Really sad to see Extrasolar is closing down. lazy8studios.com/2018/extrasol I was always very inspired by its design and interactive storytelling. A hugely ambitious project and a magical experience to play.

I'm really getting into the new The Adventure Zone now.

Not to say that smart discussions of philosophy & identity weren't available in the 2000s. But I personally would have greatly benefited from Contrapoints' particular precise, theatrical, occasionally discomforting, Socratic style. I am watching and rewatching these.

I wish I'd had Contrapoints videos to watch when I was a 20-year-old idiot.

Having a newborn means regularly getting to experience both 4:20s in a day 😎 #420

It would be cool if the iOS contacts app had a "preferred pronoun" field.

The FaceTime "end call" sound effect is like the first two flute notes from Strawberry Fields.

Where can I buy/watch episodes of the original The Magic Roundabout from the 1960–70s?

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