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This page of’s spooky, kid-friendly webcomic Tabitha Faust made me properly chuckle.

Admittedly I haven’t dated in a very long time, but this tech-solution dating service reads like a nightmarish parody to me.

Baba Is You is one of the most charming and inventive puzzle games I’ve played in a long time. It’s so unlike anything else!

Look, I think The Animatrix's soundtrack is pretty good, okay?

Everyone's all "prefer composition to inheritance", but I find baseclassing and inheritance to be so much cleaner and more natural as a way to organise and refactor code. I wonder what I'm missing.

This Virgin train has a sewer level.

It’s probably not a very considered response, but I’d so much rather public bodies like NASA/ESA lead the way than SpaceX/Virgin Galactic/Blue Origin get to decide.

I love stories about and thinking about humans leaving Earth. But for some reason I get queasy hearing exploitative tech billionaires talk about the unlimited resources of space and their personal, over-engineered visions for our species’ future. CN: Lounge cover of the Twin Peaks theme.

Ban this sick filth.

Wow the transition into season 4 is suddenly really good again. Shame they wrote Kes out of the show so suddenly though.

I’ve got to get someone to explain this Copernican-principle historical-longevity-predicts-future-longevity, increasing-population-predicts-final-generation probability thing to me because it sounds insane. But like Benford’s Law, sometimes obviously false nonsense is secretly a true fact of nature and statistics.

Probably residual gross-out from the descriptions of big black grubs in Perdido Street Station which I reading just before sleep

Weird dream with stinging black geckoflies.

The last few eps have been pretty good actually. But that one with the Doctor’s family was fucked up in a lot of ways.

Paris is explaining to B’Elanna the particular virtues of traditional Klingon martial arts and then accusing her of being hostile when she’s unreceptive.

Don’t just vote for them, evangelise. Hell, even if it’s Clinton. Dems have to win the popular vote and then a whole lot extra. No other option.

Fight like hell for your candidate in the primaries. Then VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRAT in the presidentials, even if they’re way more liberal/socialist/male/capitalist/environmentalist than you like. It’s literally the only option.

Democrats are gonna screw this up. I can feel it.

I know that’s *kinda* part of his established character, an awkwardness around women and a deference to “alpha males”. But it really feels like the show implies his behaviour is considered within the realms of normality and acceptability.

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