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RT So Twitter’s policy blocks Nazis in Germany but theoretically would not block, say, Hitler.

Come to and you may find yourself having a Skype meeting from inside a wooden sphere in the forest.

RT someone else scheduled an event on the 5x5-th of december so some of you may have missed this: i released a new game!

RT the original internet is dead

RT *calls you over surreptitiously* ... Hey, umm *holds up sign reading “20-VAPETEEN”* ... is this ... is this anything?

RT Tomorrow December 31, 2017 will be the only day every adult in the US was born in the 1900s, and every minor was born in the 2000s.

"Re-coding Black Mirror is a full day workshop which explores how the widespread adoption of web technologies, principles and practices could lead to potential societal and ethical challenges as the ones depicted in Black Mirror's episodes, and how research related to those technologies could help minimise or even prevent the risks of those issues arising."

RT "Why isn't the art of programming as *alive* as the art of painting?"

My new project's finally out –– JOY.JS: make happy little programs!

🎨 🎨

Glee at deciding the colour of reissued passports is one of the most embarrassing parts of leaving the EU, so far.

RT LABOUR'S DYSTOPIAN FUTURE: many humans, multiracial, rising up in solidarity against robot oppressors

POSITIVE CONSERVATIVE VISION: few remaining humans, all white, willingly kowtowing before robot masters to gain scraps of comfort among subservience by living in VR

If I ever made an open-world game I'd have a dedicated Apology button so when you run all over someone's garden or break their vases you can hit a button and say "sorry". I'd also allow a toggle for Auto-Apology in the menu.

RT I made a tourism mod for Quake 1 that re-scores the game using every track from NIN's Ghosts I-IV album:

It also gave me *unexpectedly complicated feelings* about being British and American.

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