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My favourite medium for disseminating trustworthy information is an image of text in a word processor with spelling errors underlined and a visible cursor.

RT One-shot immitation learning from noisy labeled data!

RT Boardwalk — Scott Hunter

RT If earth is finally destroyed by carbon emissions from computer farms crunching numbers to to derive tokens of purely fictive value it will be amazing and probably what we deserve.

I always end up sounding like such a pompous ass when reviewing papers. I strongly believe it's necessary for good science to be explained with clarity and precision, but I wish I could find a kinder way to still be uncompromisingly critical and pedantic.

RT Well that’s just ridiculous.


Except unlike the kid, Musk's stunts include remaking this and other worlds in his own image as part of his performance.

Elon Musk reminds me of this kid who would loudly snark at the teachers while glancing at the stoner kids he wanted to hang with, but also saw himself as one of the nerds who deserved respect for being smart. Wearisome, sophomoric self-aggrandisement, but nobody really liked him.

RT Americans can come up with the most byzantine visionary future shit in order to hold on to their cars

RT 1/ It’s been a year since took office. He made a lot of promises about creating jobs for American workers. Let’s see how his promises have panned out.

RT 19-Year-Old Student Uses Early Spy Camera to Take Candid Street Photos (Circa 1895)

The only acceptable thing about filling in US tax returns for Trump's America is that I don't actually have to pay any tax 👍

In the end I had to write my own program to delete a column of a csv file just so Excel wouldn't corrupt it >:-(

Just opening and re-saving a csv file in Excel has converted all "true" to "TRUE", all "1.000" to "1", etc. Why??

The Nintendo Labo announcement is bonkers.

Oh man, this is like "figure out how to move my voting address from MA to MD" level news XD
RT "Chelsea Manning [@xychelsea] files to run as Democrat for US Senate in Maryland" <3 And I can vote for her!

Is this for real because 🤘
RT BREAKING: Chelsea Manning has filed to run for U.S. Senate in Maryland.

As someone who came of age in the mid 2000s enamoured with the then-burgeoning "new atheist" movement, but who's been deeply disheartened and alienated by its strong swing to the right these past few years, it's a relief to find commentators somehow able to resist that apparent siren song 🤘 s/o @pzmyers

Needless to say, it's all about how cool space is, from the perspective of an alien.

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