Oy! It's up! MewnBase is finally now on Steam Early Access with a 15% launch discount.


Thank you to everyone that's played it over the past couple years and helped to support my weird little space-cat game.

🚨😺 FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY! My space-cat/survival/base-building game 'MewnBase' is coming to Steam this Friday, Dec 7th!


Finnnalllllyyyyy uploaded MewnBase v0.46 today. Took way too long to get this update wrapped up and out the door.

New features include a cargo trailer for your buggie, axe for choppin' trees, classy wood floor tiles, and colorable storage containers. Full notes over here: cairn4.itch.io/mewnbase/devlog

Managed to replace the analog stick on one of my JoyCons... Finally no more random drift and the thing not always recentering.

πŸŽƒ For 3 more days, you can get my game for just $4 during the Itch Halloween Sale!


Finally got around to updating the MewnBase trailer this weekend, since a lot of the in-game UI has changed over the past couple months.


Finally getting around to painting my office again. And even getting a little help.

Love getting packages in the mail for things I forgot I ordered: The GameDevBizBook.com

Storage containers for all your space-rave cat accessories :P

Wrapping my head around some more openGL blend function combos. And figured it was overdue for these to have some open/close anims too.

Making the buggie/vehicles in run on batteries that need to be recharged back at the garage every so often.

Hi - I'm Steve, working as a 2D/UI artist in games for the past 10 years.

Currently UX director at HitPoint Inc., and in the evenings creator of the indie space-cat game 😺 cairn4.itch.io/mewnbase

Worked a bunch on refactoring vehicle stuff today, supporting multiple vehicle types, making their data/stats provided by a json data file. And also added this... 😺 Wooo box2d joints.

Worked more last night on trees that are able to be grown from seeds, and some improved inventory item tool tip UI.

Worked on adding a lower-tech, outdoor garden patch last night in .

Finally made an TextButton sub class that auto-scales its label to fit inside πŸ™ƒ

Although now some buttons have smaller text than others... still better than the text totally spilling out and overlapping the edges imo

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