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Steve Forde

Attempting to finally spruce up the Game Over screen a bit.

Last night, got new creature anims added in. Took my first stab at using the gdx-ai state machine stuff. Need to figure out better spawning/despawning conditions.

Slowly getting there...

Some sort of small baddie to gnaw on your base modules or something.

Clip from doing controller testing last month. Hard to record and use a controller at the same time :P

Thought this update would never be finished ๐Ÿ˜…

v0.42 of MewnBase ("Research Update") is finally out - full build notes here:

Finally added the ability to drag-and-drop to arrange your inventory bar :D

With just two potentiometers attached, it already makes neat sounds. ๐Ÿ˜€

More learning and fun with today. Should probably get back to working on that space-cat thing tomorrow :P

New tooltip/hint UI to tell players which items certain base modules will accept. Slightly nicer tile progress bars :)

Generator is now a biofuel generator! Consumes plants, makes power.

It'll replace the solar panel in the new-game supply crates - so that you won't have to spend your first night in total darkness.

Testing out a power generator that you need to drop fuel into to keep it running. Thinking it would be a pre-solar panel crafting recipe.