Finally getting around to painting my office again. And even getting a little help.

Love getting packages in the mail for things I forgot I ordered: The

Storage containers for all your space-rave cat accessories :P

Wrapping my head around some more openGL blend function combos. And figured it was overdue for these to have some open/close anims too.

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Why does your itch desktop client look different? We shipped a major update! itch is faster and cleaner than ever before and we talked to the mind behind on these updates to find out what this means for you.

Making the buggie/vehicles in run on batteries that need to be recharged back at the garage every so often.

Mmmm picked a good day to make beef stew for dinner. 👌

Hi - I'm Steve, working as a 2D/UI artist in games for the past 10 years.

Currently UX director at HitPoint Inc., and in the evenings creator of the indie space-cat game 😺

@brody Yeahhh, same feels every time a new game I want finally comes out or goes on sale. Endless backlog of stuff I haven't played nearly enough yet, like Darkest Dungeon, Oxygen Not Included, _any_ of the Factorio updates from this year. 😩

Worked a bunch on refactoring vehicle stuff today, supporting multiple vehicle types, making their data/stats provided by a json data file. And also added this... 😺 Wooo box2d joints.

Worked more last night on trees that are able to be grown from seeds, and some improved inventory item tool tip UI.

🎧 Have had this Orbital track on repeat for most of the afternoon/evening:

Writing store-page descriptions and marketing copy for my own games sometimes feels like one of the hardest things to do.

When the coffee hasn't finished brewing before your morning standup meeting starts 😩

Worked on adding a lower-tech, outdoor garden patch last night in .

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