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Steve Forde

Noticed that ownCloud wasn't syncing, saying it's offline... apparently the freedns subdomain I had been using for the past few years vanished over the weekend. Sad trombone.

I like this whole internet thing... that lets people download and play the weird game junk that I make.

MewnBase 0.36 is up! New Biofuel Generator, UI improvements - full build notes over on the devblog:

New tooltip/hint UI to tell players which items certain base modules will accept. Slightly nicer tile progress bars :)

Generator is now a biofuel generator! Consumes plants, makes power.

It'll replace the solar panel in the new-game supply crates - so that you won't have to spend your first night in total darkness.

Gathering the mental energy to try and make sandstorms a bit more hazardous in - like flying debris that can crash into you and your base modules.

Testing out a power generator that you need to drop fuel into to keep it running. Thinking it would be a pre-solar panel crafting recipe.