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Imagine if the Mastodon server was a Single Server, then how would that even make sense for the many numbers using it? But now it makes sense already does it not?:nigmaGrin:

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i think we can only make this a comfortable space to share things is if we realize not every argument needs to be rehashed. so letโ€™s just get these over with, these are the correct opinions:

1. emacs > vim but more importantly emacs lisp > vimscript
2. pineapple on pizza is disgusting
3. spaces > tabs
4. badminton > tennis
5. windows 10 is a war crime

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Okay @maiki, step away from the Mastodon...

My microblogging style really clogs up the pipes on #SDF. Thankfully folks can mute/block me if they want! ^_^



Butt when i say i repeat my questions and answers like so, i must be mad to suggest that that even is my real daily practice, but it is, yet not daily.

I always seen to come back to the same questions time and time again, and the same spot that triggers those questions, so i am not so surprised to be repeating my thoughts again.

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@Gargron Did you make Twitter because you seem to have a lot of ideas that don't make money. :thinkhappy:

I know the in-thing is to go with the flow and that isn't all bad, but in real terms that is half of the picture to many of us these days.

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mastodon is the only social media network with a frontend in development by the legendary Gรด SHOEMAKE tell all your friends to join

I don't know if anybody can relate but when i say things can get heated up and then it just makes little proper sense, that is when it needs cooling down, and that is when nobody get it mostly, like when does that even happen?

There simply is not an easy way of keeping my thoughts standard when all the things i see here are relayed so fast and it isn't like the old fashioned gnusocial and friendica sites here, it is more like a disco of loud music non-stop.

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Welcome to twitter.sdf.org I guess.

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Because we have to compete with all those suck bucks (see prior post), we need to show folks they can be happy and secure in the middle of the spectrum, where there is more choice, but also more defaults.

But we aren't doing that. Each time we endorse vim, we push away a sensible person that honestly probably feels most at home in a Google Doc or LibreOffice.

And we aren't to blame! It is a very unsexy problem to solve. Who wants to use a "user-friendly" distro? I have mutt, lynx, and cmus! =P

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I don't know who i am talking to, but all this introspection must be dull to most of them anyway. Yet seriously, i would be dull without it anyway.๐Ÿค”

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This is anecdotal, so no one freak.

Let's presume OS choice is a spectrum of freedom (as FSF defines). On one end we have something like WindowsME or iOS, something like that. On the other end is not really an OS, just a set of theories and practices, centered around a particular kernel, and every task has a thing, and all things are done with no more than a four letter command.

Okay, that is our hypothetical spectrum of OS freedom. If you are picking up what I'm laying down, continue reading!

In reality of another kind, i tend to feel like boasting on the sidelines and that can't be all good for when the real need must be met, to satisfy the real people out there, with themselves.

But then being defensive can be a temptation to not hear out the 'other person' and it seems right to not do so, but in reality i wasn't actually hearing out my own self ultimately.๐Ÿ™ƒ

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I'm digging Heroku.

Just need to see if it actually works.

Also having issues with Mailgun, but hopefully once it's built I can get that bit resolved

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Doesn't matter either way. Made a test account and it absolutely will not work without email confimation, even with the generated password.

So...I don't fucking know. Might destroy then rebuild and use something that isn't fucking Mailgun

Admittedly learning the art of social etiquette is some type of matter i didn't quite apprehend earlier, but then i guess i was deep in the red at the time, so i wouldn't be learning it instinctively at first.