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Intro, chronic illness, selfie with eye contact 

Hi! I'm Jay, I'm a 21 year old ace enby from the UK.
I have and and I last left the house 2 years ago. Chronic illness prevents me from doing most of the stuff I want to do (ideally by now I'd have a maths degree and a team of sled dogs), so I spend my time playing idle games and getting overexcited about strangers' pets. I love getting to know new people but I often don't have the energy to chat!

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Hey so sales are kinda bad this month, at this rate I won't be able to pay my bills (like rent, or food for the creature I accidentally summoned)
If you like my art and want to help you can either:
- check out my shop
- toss me a coin
- just boost this
Thanks a lot!

#mastoArt #CreativeToots

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good news: the lady at doghouse leathers was really cool and did a great job fixing my grandpa's coat
bad news: i can never tell my family I got it fixed at a sex shop

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@queeranarchism @dawnstar I think the easiest and least ambiguous way to express this thought would be "things should be owned by the people that use/need to use them"

Houses should be owned by residents, not landlords. Workplaces should be owned by workers, not bosses. Trains should be owned by commuters, not capitalists. Aquifers should be owned by the people drinking the water, not someone hundreds of miles away. And they should be owned by everyone that uses them, collectively

The only confusion I've seen with this sentiment has taken the form of "so when I'm not wearing the clothes in my closet people can just come take them?" to which the answer is "that'd be a dick move, so no."

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This is a very tiny guitar-- It's about the size of a human blood cell and can be played with a laser, and is technically responsible for the highest note ever played on a musical instrument. Each of the strings is only about 100 atoms across.

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Are you interested in a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon?

because I'm making a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon

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One of the best lessons I think for everyone to learn is the lesson of Intent vs. Impact.

The impact of your words might be different than what you intended.

It doesn't matter what you intended, as the impact is what reached the other party

Even if you meant well, if you hurt someone with your words or actions, apologize anyways. It doesn't matter your intent, you hurt someone.

it doesn't mean you're a bad person, it just means there was a communication error, and you should apologize for it

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Overt racism is low hanging fruit. It's easy to come out against blatant hate.

But there is a definite culture on the fedi of trying to 'instruct' Black folks on how we should be on the fedi and violent reactions if we don't agree.

There is a strong under current of trying to shape the Black experience that accessible to white folks and a hateful backlash is considered acceptable when we don't follow this myopia.

And this is rarely critiqued on the fedi, if ever.

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For anyone who needs to hear it, i know i sure do 

You're enough. I promise you.

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@checkervest there's literally nothing homeowners hate about homeless people that wouldn't be solved by giving them a home.

They leave trash around! Yeah they lack garbage pickup. Give them a home

They are always ranting and raving. Me too, but I have four walls so nobody sees. Give them a house

They're dirty. They don't have a room dedicated to getting clean. Give them a home

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I think a lot of people who have a home (rent, own, whatever) are aware on some level they're only a few weeks of really bad news away from losing their shelter. Their anti-homeless attitudes spring from unsheltered people being a physical reminder of this reality. It's misplaced anger—a fear of losing what separates you from them

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Me watching all the people in fedi getting along and making friends and stuff

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Kitchen sink full of stars like coffee ground
I try to hide from my flatmate,
like the glitter in my hair my ex rinsed off me
that floated like forgotten galaxies down the drain. I woke up
and the sink was full of stars
I asked why they’d come they said
we heard stories about someone so good at falling
we couldn’t help
but aim for her hands.

#poetry #corvusrobotica

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it's simply fucking magic to me that there is an arts and crafts masterpiece in a soaked lonely field in the usk valley. yes, yes craft & simplicity & medievalism but this is stuff is sort of radical & proto-modern. it's sgraffito which is a technique of carving back layers of coloured plaster completed in 1888. wig flexing stuff

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@nothingwindsky white cishet men are angry all the time and no one cares. You get a marginalised person being like "hey maybe this is a bit problematic" and suddenly that's "outrage". The anger of priviledged people in response to a marginalised saying something is never seen as outrage.

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