Hiding like counts on pixelfed.social timelines as a 24 hour experiment is turning out better than expected.

I find myself paying more attention to the content and appreciating it more without being influenced by an arbitrary number or count.

At this point, the feature would be opt-in and pixelfed.social will opt-in.

Mastodon hides like/boost count in timelines, that is a good design.

Pixelfed isn't the first, and it won't be the last. πŸ˜‰

Electron app memory usage tends to be much higher than native app memory usage. Usually because you never ship it.

MomentUI is an optional/alternative profile, post and timeline layout inspired by 500px.

Shipping in v0.9!

"Looking ahead, I'd love to see a foundation bring together the Linux desktop community and have them hammer out out a common desktop for everyone."

What about the GNOME or KDE foundations? or do those not count? What about the elementary folks doing an excellent job at designing their OS and ecosystem?

LINUX ISN'T THE FUCKING PLATFORM... Stop treating desktops environments as pluggable modules that you should be able to hotswap without that having an effect in functionality of your machine.

@YaLTeR @alatiera Sure, but then at least have the decency to fork/rebrand. Shipping a broken app with the app's original name, branding, credits, etc. is super disrespectful to the original author

dogs drawn while listening to youtube videos by an anarchist dog book reviewer

@YaLTeR @alatiera they can be packaged, sure, but properly, so that they don't look completely broken.

In the case of this specific app, if it was designed for Elementary, then it needs to be rendered with the Elementary gtk/icon theme by default.

Users are free to "break" the apps they use changing the theme. Distributors should ship working things by default.

Thinking a lot today about being a better person over time but still being aware of how terrible a person I used to be, so:


In the spirit of Easter, if this toot gets 50 boosts I will link everyone to both of my poetry deviantart accounts, circa 2007, and you can roast the hell out me for eternity

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i deleted my livejournal long ago and am afraid Karen has a cached copy somewhere in her desk ( i do not know how the internet archive works)

If this post gets 1k boosts I will ritually sacrifice a fluffy chicken like this one

pretty happy with how this end-of-demo celebration animation is turning out, ngl.

that DOES it. I am SICK and TIRED of not having any WINE in this GODDAMNED APARTMENT.


Did you know that automatically removes UTM parameters in URLs? en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/UTM_pa

If you post a URL with utm parameters, they will be automatically removed by the app. If you click on a URL with UTM parameters, they will be removed before visiting the link.

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