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Privacy is a team sport. That's why we put together a free resource to help make it easier to become a digital security educator.

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One of the really amazing features of Misskey is that, when you switch between accounts, it loads the same page you were just viewing on the new account

That makes it so easy to, for example, see a post, want to respond with your private account, switch accounts, respond, and switch back without having to search for the post again on your private account.

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A common misconception about the Linux kernel is that it's secure, or that one can go a long time without worrying about kernel security updates. Neither of these are even remotely true. New versions of Linux are released almost every week, often containing security fixes buried among the many other changes. These releases typically don't make explicit mention of the changes having security implications. As a result, many "stable" or "LTS" distributions don't know which commits should be backported to their old kernels, or even that something needs backporting at all. If the problem has a public CVE assigned to it, maybe your distro will pick it up. Maybe not. Even if a CVE exists, at least in the case of Ubuntu and Debian especially, users are often left with kernels full of known holes for months at a time. Arch doesn't play the backporting game, instead opting to provide the newest stable releases shortly after they come out.


@solarkraft i really wish Matrix had ambient audio channels like discord has

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If Microsoft really loved Linux, they would stop making Windows.

@feoh Sadly the above is rust not js - I desperately wish Javascript had native Option types and if let statements

@feoh I didn’t end up setting it up just cause I was a little unsure of the security implications of hosting something locally to my network for the world to see :p

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Dogs play the game where you don't let the balloon touch the ground. On a beach. I watched at least a dozen loops already and I'm not even close to done

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=== en ===
BandCamp has decided to extend their BandCamp Friday events to the end of this year! Meaning BandCamp waives its reveue share for one day each month! So don't miss the opportunity to buy stuff from artists you love while knowing all your money goes to the artists directly.

Bandcamp Fridays 2020 Calendar:

August 7, 2020
September 4, 2020
October 2, 2020
November 6, 2020
December 4, 2020

You know what to do

=== fr ===
BandCamp renouvelle l'évènement "BandCamp friday" jusqu'à la fin de l'année ! En clair, ils ne prélèvent pas leur comission sur les ventes, un jour chaque mois ! Ne manquez pas l'occasion d'acheter des trucs de vos artistes préférés en sachant que tout votre argent leur reviendra.

Calendrier :

7 août 2020
4 septembre 2020
2 octobre 2020
6 novembre 2020
4 décembre 2020

Vous savez ce qu'il vou reste à faire.
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For everyone who has loudly argued that their 2A rights are necessary to prevent federal government overreach, now is your time to shine…

“Today I’m announcing a surge of federal law enforcement into American communities plagued by violent crime. We’ll work every single day to restore public safety,” Pres. Trump says at news conference on protests.

@Mastodon how can I increase the text size of the single column user interface other than just zooming in to the whole thing?
There doesn't seem to be an option for it

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scotlang: a programming language where all keywords are in Scottish Gaelic

@freedcreative doesn’t solve your problem completely and I haven’t actually tried it out at all but might be helpful

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