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I don't care if you celebrate Christmas (as a borderline atheist i celebrate the social part) but really i just hope you have a good time with people you enjoy tomorrow, blood family or chosen. That's the real shit that matters

if i hear "blockchain startup" as a phrase one more time i will <description of hypothetical action omitted, as focus group testing showed it was too graphic for most audiences>

Most of the web is now unreadable on mobile without disabling JS and without reader view

This wasn’t the accessible, semantic web I was promised in the early 2000s. It’s like everyone fell over themselves to severe ads and forgot what content was

The first transgender suicide hotline is now up and running in the U.S. You can reach Trans Lifeline at 877-565-8860.
If you need help, or need someone to talk to, please call. <3

It's already Caturday here, but it's still Friday somewhere else, so here's a few of us bringing back the old lovely tradition of #FF that was lost years ago when Twitter became a NaziFest.

@risabee For passing on to us her wisdom and experience

@garbados Who often delivers deep insights on tech, with whimsical flair.

@KevinCarson1 For his encyclopedic knowledge of anarchism.

@mattcropp @mattcropp @Antanicus and the rest of the #socialcoop crew for their great leading project and #coop work

This is what tomorrow looks like for me… Have a great weekend, that is if you haven't already started.

It's odd to think of identity this way. It almost turns the concept of identity inside out; at least from a Western perspective. — I am not, nor have I ever been my possessions. Instead, these things may represent what we wish others to think of us. That must be very disappointing to those who see our full potential.

Don't let the shiny ads and 'Free Offers' fool you…

‘I have come to realize that materialism holds people captive in many the same ways Communism does. Communism, by force, seeks to destroy personal identity. Materialism does the same. But materialism destroys personal identity by choice.’

— Author unknown.

If this is all you get after allowing native scripts, your CDN and Owncloud; you're doing it wrong. Seriously!

I used to have a t-shirt that just had a suitcase with the words "Young man long go west." It was amazing. I think I might need to start collecting unedited t's again. Sometimes things are *gained* in translation!

… Love to see what people come up with.

It would be dope if we had a topic of the night to discuss. have someone lead a discussion at a certain time each night or weekend & help teach people about a certain subject i.e crypto currency, software, art/music etc. i dont know just an idea to think about

Two years of searching for the right coffeemaking device have led me to realize I prefer tea anyway.

The Oatmeal… Awesome art, books, comics. Love this guy!