The RAPEpublican party seem to have made it abundantly clear what they think of anybody not rich, white, straight and male. You do not matter. You should be happy to fight their dogs for the scraps they throw out.

Don't think. Wave your new baseball cap and do what you are told. Daddy needs more jets for his heirs.

People often tell me that most white people are decent and are doing the work behind the scenes.

My response is where is the proof of this? Because what I see is white Americans joining together to put a racist sex offender into the presidency. What I see is white people fighting to put another prejudiced and sexist white guy on the bench in highest court in the land. What I see is white people making murderous cops rich.

If most white people are 'decent', where are they?

Things men can do instead of posting about shit they have no business talking about: Show more

Facebook's long game with Oculus is to gain the same kind of leverage over the Augmented/Mixed Reality world that they currently have over the conventional web, in all their democracy-corroding, Royhinga-genocide-enabling incompetence and naivete so don't buy or support that shit.

Gimp 2.10 has just been installed on my Mac. I'm so excited I could explode!

Gmail's upcoming self-destructing emails will require the recipients to click on a link and log in with their #Google accounts to see the content, if they are accessing via IMAP/SMTP.

Don't be fooled: Google's purpose is not to give us more confidentiality. They want all of their users to access their mailboxes via the Gmail app or their web interface, so they are creating a burden to the recipients and calling it “security” to convince people to adopt it.

Useless #Google & #Amazon ebooks! Can't read without their (proprietary) apps. Anyone know where I can buy #DRM free ebooks? Popular ones!

Gentle reminder: "cunt" is a misogynist slur.

Yes, even if you live in England or Australia.

FYI if you use

“Grindr Is Letting Other Companies See User HIV Status And Location Data”

They’re sharing HIV status with the user’s GPS data, phone ID, and email

This is seriously messed up. Forget , that means they can precisely identify each user

Beer is the answer. But I don't remember the question.

Have a sample meme from the 'infosec' section of our menu. Show more

"Space Buggy" by Summer Duval

It's clunky, boxy, and in no way sleek, but this style is really endearing to me for some reason

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