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Gmail's upcoming self-destructing emails will require the recipients to click on a link and log in with their #Google accounts to see the content, if they are accessing via IMAP/SMTP.

Don't be fooled: Google's purpose is not to give us more confidentiality. They want all of their users to access their mailboxes via the Gmail app or their web interface, so they are creating a burden to the recipients and calling it “security” to convince people to adopt it.

Useless #Google & #Amazon ebooks! Can't read without their (proprietary) apps. Anyone know where I can buy #DRM free ebooks? Popular ones!

Gentle reminder: "cunt" is a misogynist slur.

Yes, even if you live in England or Australia.

FYI if you use

“Grindr Is Letting Other Companies See User HIV Status And Location Data”

They’re sharing HIV status with the user’s GPS data, phone ID, and email

This is seriously messed up. Forget , that means they can precisely identify each user

Beer is the answer. But I don't remember the question.

Have a sample meme from the 'infosec' section of our menu. Show more

"Space Buggy" by Summer Duval

It's clunky, boxy, and in no way sleek, but this style is really endearing to me for some reason

Galera, estamos com vagas presenciais(BSB) abertas para desenvolvedores no @LabLivre_UFABC, para trabalhar em projetos de software livre no Ministério da Cultura. Detalhe que as vagas não exigem ensino superior, além de termos horário bem flexível.

Boost plz!!! @ricardopoppi @uira @wouerner @murilomachado @josemurilo @miguelsvieira @miguel @nitai

I have a bunch of friends from Twitter joining Mastodon tonight so I made a quick guide to how the site works. Making it public so anyone can see/boost it if it's helpful. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

It's not really end-to-end encryption of the company even *can* hand all your encryption keys to the government.

If you're still using Telegram, stop. Use something with genuine end-to-end encryption like XMPP with OMEMO, Tox, or Signal.

You know we published a free and open font recently? It's sort of beta, would love to find contributors.


From #Reddit #Bitcoin: Ladies and gents , this is one of the best advice you can get once you have nice stash of bitcoins or portfolio of crypto. #Bitcoin