There’s something pure and wholesome about a Toad named Dennis.

Me this morning: bluhhh

Music shuffle: Undertale soundtrack?

Me: ...yes, that’ll do nicely.

These next two months are going to be painful, that’s for sure.

Thinkin’ about that Smash Bros. again

They really need a new Mario

Still haven’t decided where I’m at, re: watching the new Arrested Development. I suppose one option is to, uh, acquire it by other means and not give Netflix my view.

Gorogoa was super good. Recommended on an iPad. 👍🏾

I feel like the only thing I have strong opinions about these days are kids books because I’m .

Anyway on that note: Sam and Dave Dig a Hole is a v. good book.

@caloriesman Came on the second I pressed “TOOT!”. Now THAT is what I call service!

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Well...THAT sure was an intense thunderstorm.

Sure wish we had power.

Ok so are the Venture Bros. guys gross or problematic or whatever? Because there’s a new season of that coming this summer apparently and like half of all dudes in entertainment seem to be asshats these days, so I have to check.

Little kids playing in little pools is the little best

So what’s the best take on the Arrested Development interview? I’ve seen a lot of people bringing their personal opinions (either of the show, or everything else) to it in a way that’s gotten it quite right, I think.

@queenpossum Also, huh, I guess TIL there’s no such thing as PMs on Mastodon.

I forgot to take the salad I have for lunch out of the fridge a little early so now the salad I’m eating is slightly colder than I would like.

This is the single greatest example of the important stuff we can all complain about now that social media exists.

So the last word in Ride the Lightning is Hetfield yelling “flames” and it reverbs for a long time, then a bit more of the song plays out.

But the MP3 I had of the track in college clipped off as “flame” was trailing off, immediately jumping to the bells at the start of the next track. I didn’t realise it wasn’t on purpose and thought it was SO COOL.

Any at the real ending is fine I guess but, y’know, it could have been so much better.

@sraymonds What’s the best method of selling off some board games? eBay?

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RT It gets worse!

Someone found a bug in the try-before-you-buy demo page.

You could type in any U.S. phone number and get the phone’s real-time location *without any text to the user for permission*. 200 million people exposed!

What. The. Hell.

I always smile when shuffle brings up that Mario 3 remix song in Smash Bros. Wii U that sounds like something you’d hear in a Euro dance club.

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